When one thinks of the worst place to rent in America, Miami is usually the first place to come to mind. The Magic City didn't top WalletHub's rankings of Worst Places To Rent, shockingly. Another South Florida city took its place in 2020: Hialeah.

Coming in at 182, renting in Hialeah is less cost-effective for those who are unable to buy a house, according to WalletHub. Currently, Bismarck, North Dakota, is the new hotspot for anyone looking for lower rent prices. So now might be the perfect time to make a move to the Midwest from South Florida.

The city just northwest of Miami came in dead last, and what torpedoed the region was affordability, coming last in that category.

While it fared somewhat better in quality of life is still came in at number 90 on the list. Even though Miami didn't claim the last spot, it still fell in the bottom 10, with a 177 ranking.

It's easy to see why rents are so steep in Hialeah. A scan of Rent Cafe's apartments reveals that you could be expected to pay well over $1,200 per month.

Hialeah and Miami weren't the only South Florida cities to be at the bottom when it comes to affordability. Across the county line in Broward, Fort Lauderdale landed at a ranking of 167, rating low on both the affordability and quality of life scales.

Florida as a whole didn't fare well on WalletHub's list. No Sunshine State city even cracked the site's top 50. The highest rank a Florida city received was Tampa, which placed 66, with the city's beaming quality of life carrying the way.

Orlando landed at number 75, while Jacksonville, the state's largest city, barely got into the ranking's top 100, landing at number 99.

All of Florida's major metros have one thing in common they all struggle with affordability.

According to rentdata.org, the Sunshine State has the 19th highest rents in the nation. The average rent in Miami-Dade County, which includes has an average of $1,147 for a one-bedroom. 


However, not all was doom-and-gloom for the state. When it came to the quality of life, the state's largest cities did well. 


So if you want to live in paradise, make sure that your wallet can handle it.

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