Tiny houses have become all the rage in the Sunshine State. People who are looking to downsize but avoid apartment life are increasingly turning to buy houses no bigger than a garage. If you're in the hunt for one of these pint-sized houses, this Ft. Pierce tiny home for sale might be your dream come true.

It's a bit unlike the normal tiny house, mainly because the house is made out of wood inside and out.

You don't see a lot of wooden houses in Florida unless it's on a historical site, so owning this rare piece of real estate could be a real treat for the right person.

Speaking of treats, there is one amenity to this super cute home that will stand out; you can take it on the road.

That's right, this lovely wooden home can go anywhere you want to go in or out of the Sunshine State.

Want to take you tiny wooden abode to the Florida Keys? You can do it! Or maybe you want to have the comforts of home while experiencing the wild west; no matter where your heart takes you, your home can be there too. 

Having a mobile wooden home opens up a ton of possibilities that you wouldn't be able to do with a normal home.

The builder and owner of this home built the house to their specifications, and you can see the fruits of their labor throughout every aspect of the home.

Some of the amenities of the house include cedar siding, LED lighting, light dimmers to bring the romance, and hurricane impact windows to guard the home against the nasty storms.

The home has AC as well. This is Florida, after all.

However, the coolest part of this home may be the remote control skylights, which takes the "Florida Room" to another level entirely. Having skylights will certainly save on the power bill.

This wooden home is truly a gem for those looking to downsize into something more affordable — in style. 


Fort Pierce Wooden Tiny Home 

Price: $39,900 

Address Or Neighborhood: Fort Pierce, FL 

Why You Should Buy Or Rent: This rare wooden tiny home is loaded with amenities and is ready for a Florida adventure. Oh, and it has skylights! 


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