Calling all real estate-lovers, there's an enormous mansion in Florida, and it's the house of your dreams. This waterfront castle near Tampa is something straight out of a fairy tale. At just under $13 million, this gorgeous estate is the perfect place to daydream about when you're feeling luxurious.

The house sits at 7021 Manor Beach Road in New Port Richey, Florida, just a 45-minute drive from Tampa. The castle is right on the water for unbeatable sweeping views of Florida's Gulf Coast.

The property is nestled cozily in 180 acres of lush green trees, creating a remote tropical oasis with the ultimate privacy. This secluded wonderland is also the largest active waterfront mansion on the state's west coast. 

You'll never want to leave home when you own this scenic and secluded place. You can stay and relax in the giant outdoor pool and soak in the cool waters with a built-in waterfall.  

This nautical castle is found on Manor Beach Island in Florida and boasts three stories with 36-foot high ceilings that enhance the airy atmosphere.

The house has three bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms in total, but the master bedroom has two rooms, two bathrooms, and two private balconies for mega-comfort and tons of space. 

There's also a gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances and beautiful granite countertops. For all you foodies out there, this might be the kitchen of your dreams. 

This amazing home would be perfect in a Disney movie. If you're craving more info on this unbeatable abode, you can contact the property's realtor, Jordan Myers. 

7021 Manor Beach Road

Price: $12,995,000

Address: 7021 Manor Beach Rd., New Port Richey, FL

Description: This gigantic castle sits right on the water on Florida's Gulf Coast and is fit for a fairy tale.

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