Have you ever wanted to pick up and leave your crowded city apartment for a life out in nature? I'm sure many of us have thought about it and the idea isn't too farfetched. Buying a cabin out in the mountains could be nice but some people would rather live a peaceful life out on the still waters of a beautiful lake. You can get your very own tiny houseboat shipped to you in Texas so you can set sail on your new life on the water.  

Harbor Cottage Houseboats create the most beautiful houseboats for people of all sorts and with all kinds of financial budgets. They are based in Kentucky but ship anywhere in the USA.

You can opt for cozy living with the company's tiny houseboats, which bring together the beauty of boat living with the affordability and comfort of tiny home living!

Their tiny homes are much more affordable than the traditional home in Texas which is insanely good for those looking to make a living situation change without much preparation.

Prices in the past have been listed as low as $9000, but you can still nab your own luxury boat home for around $100-150k each.

Prices for homes will go up depending on shipping, add-ons, and more.

If you're more of a spacious living kind of person, you can get your very own houseboat that is 2 stories tall or choose one with 5 bedrooms! Now that is comfortable living on the water.

Each home comes with its own special layouts and floorplans that you are welcome to customize and make into your own personal space.

Want multiple porches and a roof deck? No problem. Want a slide that goes from your top deck to the water? Go for it!

More features that can come with your houseboat are diving boards, hot tubs, roof bars, full appliances, master bedrooms, and very spacious bathrooms.

You can take a full virtual 3D tour or check out all of the photos in their website's gallery to get a feel of what houseboat living is like nowadays.

Feel free to request a quote on what floorplan you'd be most interested on their site here.

Houseboat living might just be the move for a lot of people this generation, with nature-themed living situations on the rise. You might just consider heading out of the big city to sleep peacefully on the water under the bright, pollution-free stars.

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

Price: $9000+

Address Or Neighbourhood: Delivered to you! 

Why You Need One: These incredible houseboats come in multiple sizes and price ranges, making them an awesome opportunity for you to get out of the city and onto the water.

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