When you think of super expensive houses in your neighborhood, you probably throw out numbers in the 800k range. Unless you're in Beverly Hills, then you're probably looking at 30mil homes. Here's the shocker though, that's literally pennies when you look at how much the most expensive houses cost in the entire world. One of the top ten most expensive houses is right here in Texas, and it's even for sale!

Mesa Vista Ranch, located north of Amarillo in the small town of Pampa, is in the Texas Panhandle. You've probably never heard of it because it's not something you'd pass on a Texas roadtrip, and according to the US Census Bureau the population is only a little over 17k. But a simple Google search of Mesa Vista Ranch will take you to it's listing, where you'll find that the house is worth a whopping 250 million.

Sitting on the span of 100 square miles (almost at 65,000-acres), this gorgeous ranch is unlike the ranches you probably think of when hearing "Texas ranch." According to their mortgage company, Hall and Hall, the property boasts multiple buildings and all specifically cater to different things. First there is the Family House, which is exactly that with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Well east of that is The Lodge Compound that has a master bedroom and bathroom, but also a living room with two fireplaces, library, 30-seat theater, and a wine celler, to name a few of its features. A whole house dedicated to just the master bedroom is unheard of.

Then there is the 2-story structure called The Pub. Though it is not quite like an actual British pub, The Pub might just be better. It features a game room and a workout room.

The compound is also surrounded by lakes, where you'll find the Lake House. That property has about 11,500 square feet of living area and an elevator. Not to mention, this structure has a safe room because that just seems like the right thing to have when you're living life this large. Between the lake and the massive backyard pool, whoever lives here will be staycationing all the time under the Texas sun. We highly recommend they venture out sometimes though, because not too far is a gorgeous trail with mountain views of Amarillo.

To top off this incredible house for sale (which also features a dog kennel and chapel), the house comes with an actual airport! I mean, they do say everything is bigger in Texas.

If you're the type of traveler who'd rather be in the air than on the road, well this is the house for you. According to Hall and Hall, "The runway is approximately 6,000 feet long and 100 feet wide. The airport facility was designed and built with FAA approval and meets all of their requirements and regulations."

The runway is connected to a 52,600-square foot tarmac that can hold multiple aircrafts. The hanger even has a pilots apartment upstairs for when you're too lazy to walk on over to your house.


Is Mesa Vista Ranch a little out of your budget? You can always stay in a luxury yurt, like this one in San Antonio. You'll feel just as fabulous and it won't break the bank.


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