There are so many perks to downsizing and getting a smaller home. We're convinced we've found the cutest place yet. There's this tiny house for sale in California and it's equal parts affordable and adorable. 

While living in the Golden State comes with many perks like sandy beaches and nearly perfect weather year-round, there's no denying it's pricey. Affordable living is becoming harder to find.

At an asking price of $40,000, this mobile tiny home is a great deal. These photos show the interior of the home and it's so charming.

The white tile walls and bright interior make it feel clean and spacious. 

It's actually a renovated school bus (aka 'skoolie') that's been turned into a dreamy road for adventurers. It's about the size of a small apartment studio inside.

This beautifully-converted mobile home is a 2002 model and according to the listing, runs smoothly.

The owners renovated it themselves and even added solar panels to it, so you can be off the grid during your adventures and be more eco-friendly. 

When you step inside, you will find a lovely and spacious kitchen with plenty of counter and storage space. There's plenty of natural light from all the windows too, so you can sit on your barstools and enjoy breakfast with a view.

In the kitchen, there is a stainless steel sink, convection oven and stove, microwave, and refrigerator, as well as cabinets to store all of your food and dishes. 

Next to the kitchen, there are two benches that make for perfect road-viewing window seats where you can watch a movie on the 32" Roku flat-screen TV. Movie night?

The front couch living space also converts into a queen-sized guest bed. It's perfect if you're traveling with a few more friends.

At the back of the bus, there are four small bedrooms and one bathroom. Yes, you read that right. We can't believe how much they've managed to fit into one 272 square foot space.

There are three children's size bunk beds and one queen size bed in the master bedroom. Each bed comes with storage space underneath. 

Last but not least, the bathroom is a cute little space, complete with a composting toilet and a small shower. 

When you're ready for your next big adventure, remember this renovated 'skoolie' is waiting and it just might have your name on it.

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