"The bigger the better" as they say right? But with houses, that's not always the case. Tiny houses have become more popular in recent years, that TV shows dedicated to them have even started to roll out. Of the tiny homes for sale in Georgia, this one is not only adorable and movable to anywhere you want, but it's also affordable.

You'll find this tiny house for sale in Duluth, Georgia — and it's pretty much a dream on wheels. The house features a farmhouse aesthetic and is completely move-in ready.

The asking price is only $37,500, a drop from the starting price listed in October of 2019 at $42,000. For a home that buyers can move anywhere they desire, this is an absolute steal.

Coming in at 19 feet by 8 feet, the home consists of a wood frame construction with spray foam insulation throughout. The purple-ish maroon siding is sure to turn some heads and brighten up someone's day. 

This little luxury totals 200 square feet, with one bedroom and one bathroom.

When you walk in, you'll be greeted by a bright and airy feel. With all the natural lighting pouring in through the windows and white fixtures accented by wood, you'll get all those farmhouse feels.

Shiplap covers the interior walls and ceilings; so this one's for you HGTV fans.

There are duel lofts, but only one of them is big enough to be considered a bedroom and it even comes with a mattress. The living room has a pull-out sofa for guests to comfortably sleepover.


This mini farmhouse comes equipped with a gas stove cooktop, a stainless steel sink and an under the counter Frigidaire refrigerator/freezer. There's even fancy wall hanging knife and pan racks. It's all about using your small space efficiently.

The bathroom is right off the kitchen with a fiberglass shower, sink, medicine cabinet, and Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet.

It's the perfect size for a small space, but for all those beauty gurus out there, a wall mirror will have to be installed.

Say bye to small studio apartments and say hello to an entire house on wheels. It's ready to go and only needs a little of your personal style to really make it feel like home.

Tiny House in Duluth 

Price: $37,500 

Address: Duluth, GA

Description: This ready-to-go tiny house gives off all the farmhouse style feels. It's the perfect size for a couple or a single individual. The outside is a vibrant purple-ish maroon that'll turn heads. 

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