Tiny houses have been growing in popularity since the movement first began in 1997, and it's pretty easy to see why. There are tons of tiny homes in Florida, and if you’re looking for one of your own, or just love to appreciate them, then you have to take a look at this gypsy-inspired trailer. 

In Naples, Florida, there lies a Bohemian treasure of a mobile home, furnished in a way that makes it feel like the owner must be some well-traveled, wizen old woman who’s going to tell you your fortune. 

Up for sale on tinyhouselistings.com, the owner describes it as the 'ultimate tiny home.' Very mobile and road-ready, it would make an awesome Burning Man camper, or just about any kind of comfortable unique space that your neighbors would envy.



Unsurprisingly, it is just one room, with one bathroom (a full tub, toilet, and sink), and measures at 238 square feet. The back of the trailer even has room to hang a few bikes on the outside.

The best part is how decorated the space is; clearly someone put a lot of time and effort into making this the most enchanting mini-home around. 

As of late, it has been getting a lot of views and has been added to many wish lists on the website. At just $32,000, if you’re looking for the perfect fairytale home, you might not want to wait any longer on this gem.

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Gypsy Tiny Home

Price: $32,000

When: Currently available

Address: Naples, FL

Why You Need To Go: This gem of a tiny home feels like a gypsy's paradise, and it could be all yours!

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