The words “spacious” and “tiny home” don’t really go together, and when they actually do, it’s usually with a hefty price tag attached. If you’re looking to downsize but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or spend a ton of money, the perfect tiny home exists for you right in Mississippi! The best part? It’s totally mobile.

This adorable rustic home totals 450 square feet, and she’s got space management down to a science. There’s a single master bedroom along with two lofts that you could use for storage or to squeeze some guests in.

There’s also a decent-sized living room and dining nook, as well as a full kitchen. And when we say full, we mean a fridge and freezer, microwave, two sinks, and an oven. You’ll be eating and traveling in style with this tiny home.

If you’re traveling somewhere cold, you can boot up the electric log heater in the living room or use the central air when it’s hot. The home also comes with a new washer and dryer unit, and a full bathtub in the bathroom.

Did we mention you can hang out on your screened-in porch? Seriously, how many tiny homeowners can say that they have a porch?

You can find this gem in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She’s currently for sale at a reduced price of only $32,500.

The outside of the tiny home is completely finished in real log siding, giving her the perfect rustic charm.

She’s been on the market since 2018, so if you’ve totally fallen in love, send the owner a message and make your dream tiny home a reality!

Rustic - Log siding - on Wheels

Price: $32,500

Address: Hattiesburg, MS

Description: Rustic charm, spacious, and affordable. What more could you ask for?

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