It is truly no wonder that tiny homes are becoming so popular. They are certainly more affordable than their long-term stationary counterparts, and well, you can move them pretty much anywhere at any time! What's not to love? So, if you're looking for tiny homes with land for sale cheap in Florida we might have just found your next perfect getaway. 

This ad on Tiny House Listings promises not only a gorgeous tiny 50sq-ft cabin complete with furnishings, modern amenities (and of course a coffee pot), it also is located on a 75'x100' lot inside Ocala National Forest and it can be all yours for $19,900. 

The listing states this little slice of paradise is in "a rural private location off dirt roads in a mobile home community, inside the forest." You can feel like you are camping every day here.

Perhaps the best part of all is that the seller is offering owner financing, so if you can't or don't want to get a loan, this could be the perfect alternative payment option. 

Let's take a look inside, shall we?

With a brilliant rustic cabin interior, the inside perfectly compliments the outside. Anyone who enters this would be awed by the simple, but modern, charm. 

The sofa also pulls out into a bed, making it a perfect use of space.

And of course, we don't want to forget perhaps the most important amenity of all: a working shower and flushing toilet. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the property or contacting the seller directly, you can do so through the website here

And while you await a response, check out this tiny home community by the beach in Florida. Or take a temporary getaway at this cheap tiny home Airbnb

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