The Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan posted the cutest video of his son playing football with him at home on his Instagram.

The quarterback is starting ‘em young as Ryan sets up his son to snap the ball to him — gotta get in practice even on a bye-week.

Football talent certainly runs in the family because his son gets into position and looks like he knows exactly what he's doing.

Ryan can be heard yelling out play calls as if he was on the field, but the young boy is unphased by his father’s volume and tone.

The kiddo snaps (well, more like rolls) the ball to Ryan and runs excitedly off-screen to wait for his father's throw. 

Ryan and his wife, Sarah, welcomed their twin sons Marshall and Johnny into the world in early 2018. 

Now, as just 2-year-olds, the boys are already playing with the football and taking after their dad. 

We just might be watching a legacy unfold, but we'll have to wait until around 2040 to see a second-generation Ryan on the field. 

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