While it feels as though the majority of the sports world has been put on hold, the NFL drafts are still very much underway. One team that many are keeping an eye on is the Dallas Cowboys, who have had some very exciting announcements as of late. One of those announcements is Amari Cooper potentially re-signing with the Dallas Cowboys and former Cowboy Dez Bryant reacted to the news about Cooper with nothing but positivity.

Dez Bryant has been known to have a lot to say about his former team since no longer playing for them and, well, nothing has changed.

He's expressed interest in going back to them many times, and most fans of player have done nothing but support the idea.

Now that it's drafting season, it's time to see who's dreams will become a reality. Luckily for Cooper, it seems as though things are going pretty well after being offered a 5-year, one-hundred-million dollar deal with the Cowboys.

SportsCenter tweeted late Monday night that per Adam Schefter, Cooper intends to re-sign with the Dallas Cowboys for the upcoming season and Bryant, as well as current teammates of Cooper, are thrilled for him!

The wide receiver has an exciting year ahead of him now that it's clearer than ever that the Cowboys value having him on the team.

After the announcement, Dez took to Twitter to congratulate Cooper and it's honestly pretty sweet.

"Congratulations coop!!!... well deserved" reads the tweet from Bryant. 

It's nice to see how supportive the former Cowboys player is of a fellow wide receiver.

Michael Gallup, Cooper's teammate, quoted the tweet from SportsCenter and said "Different!!" which, we're assuming is a good thing.

The pair are seemingly undefeatable on the field, and many are looking forward to them continuing to play together.

Here's to hoping we see Bryant in blue and silver again soon!

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