Just today, the University of Las Vegas announced that they've hired Marcus Arroyo as its team's new head coach. The current co-offensive and quarterback coach for the University of Oregon has notable wins under his belt and some people think he could help save the team. 

The university shared the news via Twitter with the post saying, "OFFICIAL: Marcus Arroyo Named New @UNLVFOOTBALL Head Coach 🏈."

This marks the Vegas team's 12th head coach in the last 50 years. Many Twitter users believe that he could improve the program's odds.

Over the last 20 years, UNLV has seen its highest win/loss percentage in 2000 at .615 percent. As the years have passed, it has been a slippery slope with the school ending the season at a .333 ratio.

When compared to the Oregon Duck's ratio of .846, UNLV falls short. Arroyo was hired as the Duck's coach in 2017, where it can be speculated that his arrival helped the team win the Pac-12 Conference championship this year. 

There's room for improvement and some people are of that same opinion. A fan's tweet reads, "good luck Coach. you will be an amazing coach that will give a chance to revive the UNLV football program."

While another wrote, "Absolute great hire. He will bring a winning attitude to UNLV!"

Currently, Marcus is still under contract with the University of Oregon until January of 2021

Many others' were quick to congratulate him on his new title, with one person saying, "Best of Luck Coach! Appreciate what you did for Oregon. Now get to work taking down Boise State! 😎."

Although he will be starting with the Las Vegas college team, many Duck fans jumped on board and showed him support too. 

This user wrote, "@coacharroyoTheO, congrats! Wishing you the best. Thanks for all that you did at Oregon. #OnceADuckAlwaysADuck."

We're happy to know that the Vegas Rebels will be in good hands and we wish him the best of luck. 

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