As soon as the Rams started playing well again, they decided to go to Dallas and lay an egg. The Los Angeles Rams lost to the Dallas Cowboys 21-44 on Sunday afternoon and Twitter was quick to the punch. From funny memes to harsh comments, Twitter didn't let up about the beatdown by one of the league's most controversial teams.

Before the game, the LA Rams won three of their previous five games and five out of their last seven games overall. The winning streak put them back into the playoff hunt with only three games left of the year.

But, after a sluggish performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, their playoff hopes are looking farther and farther away.

"We played horrible" said Rams star Aaron Donald about the loss. "We got beat on. We got beat pretty bad. We got embarrassed today," Donald added.

After making huge strides in the right direction over the past few weeks, the coaches, players, and fans all see this loss as a huge step backward.

"We could be a lot better," quarterback Jared Goff said about the crushing defeat. "We know we can be a lot better. We have been a lot better, and we will be a lot better going forward. [We have to] forget about this one pretty quickly and move on."

In the Rams' case, they need to move on extremely fast if they want to have any chance of a playoff birth.

After the loss on Sunday, Twitter was quick to the scene with harsh comments and funny memes. Some even urging the Rams coaches to find new jobs.

One user's tweet went as far as to say, "The Los Angeles Rams let all of America down yesterday."

The loss not only embarrassed players, but fans also felt the embarrassment. One fan even went on to write, "The Rams had one job, please get it together LA."

Twitter was relentless after the tough loss on Sunday, and all fans were in disbelief at how the Rams played. 

Another user wrote, "We just sucked."

As the team will do their best to move on after what transpired yesterday, there is no room for error as they creep closer towards the NFL postseason. Only time will tell if the Rams will be there or not.

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