The President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, just made a huge announcement today. Dana White and Floyd Mayweather made a deal that is a massive game-changer. 

It all happened while the two were at a Los Angeles Clippers game.

Wondering what happened? Let's just say he's wheeling and dealing.

White just announced that Mayweather will be in a September 2020 comeback fight.


According to TMZ, the UFC mogul told sports journalist Rich Eisen that "He and I did a deal right there in our seats on the court. We shook hands and we have a deal. And if things play out the way Floyd and I think they will, I’ll probably sit down with Al Haymon in March and get a deal on paper."

White did not give any more specifics and stuck to the timeline instead. The two have worked together on previous matches since the UFC was the co-promoter for Mayweather's 2017 fight against the Irish professional mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor.

While the two did not reveal any information on who Mayweather's opponent will be, the planning is already in the works. 

The boxer is trying to book two huge comeback fights for 2020. He may be considering Manny Pacquiao and another UFC fighter. 

While it's common knowledge that Conor McGregor would love to get in the ring with the 26-world-title-winning champion again, it doesn't seem likely.

In 2017, Mayweather fought McGregor and completely wiped him out in the ring. He won by TKO in the tenth round. 

While McGregor started out strong, Mayweather's experience dominated his opponent later in the fight. 

Mayweather has yet to release a statement about the 2020 fights. Right now, all we can do is wait it out and see.

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Floyd Mayweather To Come Out Of Retirement In 2020

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