Ex-NBA player, Dwyane Wade and Lebron's youngest son, Bryce Maximus James had a one-on-one battle last night. The two were spotted during halftime at a Sierra Canyon basketball game in Los Angeles, which is where Lebron's two sons go to school. Although Dwyane Wade was a very successful NBA player in his day, little Bron showed him some moves on the court Monday.

Lebron James has bragged about Bryce's shooting game in the past, and that was on full display during this battle against the Miami heat legend.

Bryce is only 12 years old!

The young star is seen getting bucket after bucket against Wade, and the retired NBA player even threw up a brick when he shot a three-pointer.

The arena was packed and everyone was filming the match featuring a young player that will probably make it to the NBA one day. 

Dwyane and Bryce play for a few minutes, and the crowd was cheering every time young James made a shot (which happened a lot).

However, this sweet jumper is nothing new. In fact, King James even thinks that Bryce is the best shooter in the household (including Lebron himself).

Just last year, Lebron even tweeted about this claim.

After looking at the video of young Bryce making moves on Lebron's ex-teammate, you can't help but notice that he has some pretty sweet moves.

With a packed arena, the 12-year-old doesn't seem too phased about the pressure. 

After the battle went down, Twitter users quickly gave their input about the schooling put on by Bryce.

ESPN's official NBA page even jumped on to give their reaction.

Although Bryce put on a show during halftime on Monday, the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers ended up losing the game to the Rancho Christian Eagles.

Lebron's boys are continuing to get better and if they're anything like their father, we could see some future MVPs in the making.

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