There's always drama in the sports world, but we are totally living for LeBron James' snappy response to why Kawhi Leonard joined the Clippers

The game every basketball fan was anticipating throughout the offseason finally went down last night at the Staples Center. After Kawhi Leonard announced his move the Clippers along with Paul George and Anthony Davis announced that he would be joining forces with LeBron James, basketball fans knew: this would be THE rivalry of the season.

So the hype ahead of the game last night was justifiably high. At the end of the evening, the Clippers just seemed to want it more and came out on top. Kawhi dominated the night with a game-high 30 points. While many might say James will be feeling unsure about having Leonard as his new nosy neighbor, we probably could have told you that before the game last night. Judging by an interview the four-time MVP gave, James does not seem too happy about the situation.

Let's take a step back for some context. When Kawhi Leonard announced that he would be leaving the Toronto Raptors after leading the Canadian franchise to its first-ever NBA Title and coming to the Clippers, the NBA went through a huge power shift. 

Leonard is arguably the best all-around player in the league and now he's got an All-Star in Paul George to back him up. 

While LeBron has his own sidekick in the form of Anthony Davis, last night proved that they still have a lot of work to do in the way of learning to play with each other. 

Keep in mind that the Clippers won with Paul George on the bench. As the night progressed LeBron and Davis grew frustrated over unnecessary turnovers. 

However, James showed some frustration way before tip-off. 

After the Lakers wrapped up practice, James was asked what he thought swayed Kawhi Leonard's decision to move to LA. Here's how it went.

Yikes. Look, we're sure that answering question after question can be frustrating but this seemed uncharacteristic of a 17-year veteran of the league who has, for the most part, been well-spoken and composed in front of the media.

Fans were quick to react to this very meme-able moment from James. Some even used a more traditional meme to reply:

This one fan used another familiar meme:

The Lakers face the Utah Jazz on the road for their next game on Friday. James has already taken to Instagram to let Laker Nation know that he owes them one for last night. 

Stay tuned for more LeBron news. 

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