The Los Angeles Lakers have plenty to prove this upcoming season. The LA basketball team had a disappointing season,  even with the addition of one LeBron James to a roster stacked with plenty of young talent in the form of Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma among others.

The Lakers failed to make the playoffs after finishing the regular season in 10th place in the Western Conference. The flop of a season the Lakers had last year has even made some analysts and pundits question LeBron's greatness.

Such doubt cast upon one of the greatest to have ever played the game is always interesting. Folks tend to forget just how long James has been at the top of the basketball world. One throwback Thursday video that surfaced on Twitter this week can really put things into perspective.

LeBron James was the number one pick in the first round of the 2003 NBA draft. But even before then, the teenager was projected to be worth millions of dollars for sponsors

While we may be used to talking about his eldest son's potential as of late, we would be foolish to forget the indomitable force that LeBron was back in his high school days and continues to be heading into his 17th NBA season. 

Take a seat and enjoy this trip down memory lane. 

At 18, LeBron already carried himself with such professionalism and confidence. He looked and talked the part of someone who was destined for greatness. 

James himself retweeted the throwback and said, "Man this brings back memories!"

Basketball fans from across the globe commented on the video as well. 

Well, 17 years later and LeBron is still going strong. The three-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP is set to begin his second season as a Los Angeles Laker. He has left a legacy that most people could only dream of. 

And apparently, his son Bronny will not be the only one carrying on the James dynasty. Bryce Maximus, LeBron's middle child is not too shabby on the court either. 

We can't wait to see what else these two bless us with in the future. 

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