If you are into sports then you know the Los Angeles Clippers are looking like a brand new team ahead of this year's NBA season. The two biggest additions were of course, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Last year's NBA Finals MVP and the six-time NBA All-Star have joined forces.

Both superstars are California natives so the move has been seen as somewhat of a homecoming for the two of them. The offseason moves made huge headlines and have caused the Clippers to be in the title chase conversation.

Along with Leonard and George are other notable players already included in the Los Angeles roster such as Pat Beverly and Lou Williams. The Clippers are indeed looking to make some noise with this intimidating squad they have built over the past year. As of this week, it's not just the names on the Clippers roster that are raising eyebrows.

This Tuesday, the Los Angeles Clipper released their 'city edition' jerseys and they have been gaining plenty of buzz on the internet. That's right folks, LeBron James is not the only NBA figure in Los Angeles who is gaining attention for what he'll be wearing on the court this season

The Clippers' new look certainly evokes some 'Cali vibes'. However, not everyone is entirely on board with the new look. 

NBA city jerseys have been akin to a third jersey apart from a team's home or away jersey. City jerseys tend to well, simply enough, reflect aspects and characteristics from each respective NBA team's city. 

The first images of the Clippers' 2019/20 city edition jerseys were unveiled via the latest Sports Illustrated cover. 

Here's what NBA twitter had to say on the subject:

So, as we said, there are varying opinions. 

While these and other jerseys are being anticipated, many more city edition uniforms will surely be unveiled soon as the NBA regular season tips off on October 22nd. The Clippers will be facing the Lakers that evening. 

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