Wednesday night was full of holiday cheer in Hollywood. The Clipper's newest superstar hosted his third annual Christmas celebration. This event honors families whose members have suffered a stroke. Paul George surprised them with gifts and honestly, it warmed our hearts to see the joy it brought them. The gathering was filled with presents, a buffet, and tons of joy. 

Strokes really hit home for George, as his mother, Paulette, experienced one when he was just six years old. 

The NBA star plans to use his platform to spread awareness of the issue while spending time with families who have experienced a similar situation as him.

“I’m grateful to be able to do this and to share this moment with everyone,” Paul explained to the Los Angeles Times. "At the end of the day, it’s about being around other families and hearing their stories," he added.

The holiday festivities began with a buffet dinner at Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood. In the photos, you can see the guests waiting for the arrival of the NBA All-Star.

Soon after, Paul rushed through the doors accompanied by Santa Claus himself and a large bag, full of toys.

Kids immediately jumped in excitement as George went on to make a speech.

Afterward, Paul (and Santa of course) gifted each family with presents and a night they'll remember forever.

The amazing gifts included shoes, jerseys, and tickets to an upcoming Clippers game. 

After gifting the presents, Paul walked around the room and spoke with the children and their families.

The Clippers star even played some ball with the kids and gave them some pointers. It just goes to show that the basketball player is the gift that keeps on giving.

Just the other day he even gifted his dad a jersey signed by all his teammates. Wow, what a nice gesture.


To prepare for the event, George reached out to the American Heart and American Stroke Association back in September to schedule the gathering.

“I’m grateful to be back home and to be able to do things like this,” George said.

Paul is already loved by many Clippers fans for his outstanding play on the court, but this courageous act of kindness shows that he's more than just a basketball player.

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