As it may be hard to believe, Tom Brady is now a free agent. That being said, there are rumors floating around about where the 6-time Superbowl champ will end up next season. While many believe that Tom will be enjoying retirement, others feel that he may end up on another NFL squad -- and it could be the Los Angeles Chargers. How serious are these Tom Brady Chargers rumors? Some NFL analysts think it could be very likely.

It was inevitable that the Patriots' season would end, although many thought the end would come sometime in late January or February.

However, since the Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans in shocking fashion on Saturday, there is now one question surrounding Tom Brady:

Where will he be next season?

According to many NFL analysts, they feel that Brady will wear an NFL uniform next season, but it probably won't be a Patriots one.

There are a few different teams in the mix to land the NFL quarterback, but there's one team that stands out from the pack: the Los Angeles Chargers.

According to NBC’s TV commentator Chris Collinsworth and other NFL voices around the league, Tom Brady and the Chargers seem like a great combination.

As soon as that claim was made by Collinsworth, Twitter was buzzing.

However, it seems like there are mixed reviews across the board.

While there are many fans that feel reluctant to give up on Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, others are ready to move on to NFL legend Tom Brady.

According to some popular NFL analysts, Brady and the Chargers seem like a great match.

As the season is drawing to a close in the very near future, we're all getting excited to see where Brady will end up. 

With the Chargers moving into a new stadium next year, not to mention the possible departure of long-time quarterback Philip Rivers, excitement will be through the roof if the team can sign Brady.

Tom and his supermodel wife Gisele already know quite a bit about Los Angeles. Tom is from California, and the couple even owned a home in LA before selling it to rapper and producer Dr. Dre in 2014.

It looks like the bright lights of Hollywood are waiting for Brady.

That California sunshine could be just what he needs.


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