Over the span of Dwayne Wade's 16-year career, he's made a strong case that he has superpowers to Miami Heat fans; his nickname was 'Flash,' after all. However, it was throughout this offseason, months after his retirement, that Wade made the strongest case of all to us common folk that he is in fact an exceptionally gifted being. 

Since the trade window opened in June, Wade has sent at least 18 players to different teams thanks to a curse he secretly placed on them over the course of his final season with the Heat. 

Miami Heat's #3 spent the 2018/19 NBA season, henceforth known as #onelastdance, swapping jerseys with his friends and colleagues throughout the league. What was once a custom exclusively reserved to soccer players, swapping jerseys between rivals post-match has become the norm and infiltrated the American mainstream once NFL players started doing the same.

The Miami Heat legend also followed suit. The ceremony went like this: the final buzzer would go off and while players would shake hands, Wade would pick one player from the opposing team whom he may have some personal or professional history with and the two would proceed to sign their respective jerseys for each other and snap a pic.

The movement gained traction. Most of the times it was an endearing, unique and classy occasion and the internet ate it up, as did almost every player in the league who knew the Miami Heat was scheduled to play them before season's end. You can imagine just how extensive Wade's jersey collection was toward the end of the season. 

But as cool as the gesture was, many of the jersey swaps look a whole lot different in retrospect. According to ESPN, Wade swapped jerseys with over 36 players during his farewell tour and 18 of those players have since been traded or moved to new teams. 

Wade's victim list has quantity and quality alike. Kemba Walker, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler and Chris Paul are just a few of the players who have succumbed to Wade's curse. 

Buzz from this curse got so loud that the man himself even had to chime in the conversation.

Well, he's not wrong. So many of these players still have huge potential for a long and successful career ahead of them. 

By now, we know Butler is one of the newest additions to the Heat's roster. Perhaps Wade put a little extra bit of magic on his Jersey?

With a few months left in the offseason and the trade deadline only closing next year, don't be surprised if Wade's list grows even larger.  

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