Dwyane Wade may be retired but he is definitely still keeping a close eye on all things basketball, whether it be the NBA or the larger b-ball world. So it's no surprise that on Thursday when ESPN Tweeted a certain TBT, D Wade saw it & he had a few choice words. 

For a little background, the former Miami Heat Guard recently acquired his own sports brand's very first athlete in D'Angelo Russell. And Wade has also been named the newest member of the "NBA on TNT" family at the beginning of this season.

That said, when the major sport broadcasting company tweets a less than flattering play of his as a "throwback Thursday" post, no one ought to be shocked if the future hall-of-famer ends up replying.

And that's exactly what happened with this TBT that did not sit well with Wade. 

Back in 2009, the basketball world did not know it yet, but it was about to be turned on its head thanks mainly in part to three all-stars deciding to join forces in Miami in the form of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. 

However, before that happened, Kobe Bryant was playing some of the best basketball of his career. The Los Angeles Lakers were the defending champs when this shot was taken. At season's end, they would go on to defend their title and repeat at the NBA Finals. 

Unfortunately for Wade and the Miami Heat, the buzzer-beater ESPN decided to share was scored right in his face. The Heat legend did not take to it kindly. 

In Wade's defense, he was guarding Bryant as close as he possibly could. Wade was playing some textbook defense here. Bryant just happens to have some alien-like talent. What can you do?

ESPN provided a classy reply to the three-time NBA champion's Tweet.

This is a video Wade himself recently reminded us all of. This dunk Wade scored against the Cleveland Cavaliers just so happens to be from the same season as the Kobe buzzer-beater.

ESPN's response? "The old stuff is some of the best stuff." We can't say they're wrong. 

Not many players would be able to score against Dwyane Wade the way Bryant did. Just another testament to how great 'The Black Mamba' truly was. 

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