Dwyane Wade is living his best life in Los Angeles with Gabrielle Union and infant daughter Kaavia. The Miami Heat legend officially retired after his 16th season with the Heat earlier this year. From the looks of it, it appears Wade has been soaking in his legacy.

The Heat legend has reacted to what he has left behind throughout his time as an NBA star in multiple ways so far during his short retirement. From commenting on his apparent jersey swap curse to looking ahead to the potential future of the NBA, Wade has definitely been viewing the game through a whole new lens. 

Luckily for Wade, Thursday was NBA TV's first day of their new campaign called #TeamDay where the NBA affiliated channel looks to celebrate a different team every day throughout the month of August. Of course, the first team to receive the honor of the #TeamDay spotlight had to be Wade's Miami Heat. 

Surely, any content that would come from the NBA TV feed would be right up Wade's alley. From Ray Allen's clutch three-point shot (yes that shot) to classic D Wade buzzer-beaters, Heat fans were being treated to the ultimate trip down memory lane. 

But it was this one particular #TeamDay post that Dwyane Wade shared that really hit us all in the feels. 

The year was 2013 and Harlem Shake dance videos were all the rage. The Miami Heat, comprised of a legendary lineup with names like LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and plenty more, really nailed the viral video by adding their own unique Heat spin to it. 

Chris "Birdman" Anderson can be seen kicking things off with those long, tattooed-filled arms before all the chaos and hilarity unfolds. The video not only put other Harlem Shake attempts to shame (In our humble opinion) but it showed just how much these guys enjoyed each other's company and how much fun they had while dominating the league. 

2013 was the year Miami Heat won its second consecutive title by defeating the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. 

Heat fans had plenty to say on the beloved video.

For more amazing Heat throwbacks, check out the rest of NBA TV's posts from this Thursday. 

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