With a new year among us, it is only natural to sit back, take stock and gather some perspective. It seems that is just what the Heat organization has done, because while the team is riding this great wave of success now, it plans on honoring a man who is responsible for leading the Heat for so many years. On Tuesday, the Miami Heat announced that Dwyane Wade's Jersey will officially be retired and hung up in the rafters of the American Airlines Arena. 

At the closing of last season, team legend Dwyane Wade played his final game in the NBA. Thankfully for Heat fans, Wade ended his career in the most appropriate way: by wearing the same jersey he wore during his very first game as a pro. 

In total, Dwyane Wade played 16 seasons in the NBA. Over the course of all those years, Wade won three NBA titles. While there were a couple of minor stints in Chicago and Cleveland, Wade spent the vast majority of his career in Miami.

The Heat have announced that Wade's jersey retirement ceremony will take place on February 22nd. However, along with the actual jersey hanging, there will be a three-day "Legacy Celebration."

Both the team and the honorary man posted this video to make the big announcement. 

The thumbnail of this video seems like an official invite to every Heat fan. The video, on the other hand, is likely to give anyone from Miami a serious case of goosebumps and perhaps even a tear or two.

The former guard walks onto the AAA court while legendary calls of his plays faintly play in the background. Meanwhile, Wade is looking up at the rafters, the place his jersey will soon be immortalized and where various championship banners hang, thanks in part to himself. 

No one is particularly shocked that Wade is getting his Jersey retired. He deserves that and more. However, some fans are still wishing he had never left in the first place. 

This fan tweeted, "we can still cancel this so you can come back." While we wish Dwyane Wade could take a dip in the fountain of youth just as much as the next Heat fan, time catches up to us all. Besides, the Heat seem to be doing just fine as is. 

This celebration will be an emotional one as Dwyane symbolizes so much to fans of the game and especially fans of the team. 

Take this fan for example, who became a Heat fan solely because Wade played for Miami. Now that's love! No surprise, but he also added that he is his favorite player of all time. 

The AAA will surely be packed to the brim for this epic occasion, so be sure to make your way there early or beat the crowd and tune in on TV.

Before tip-off against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday, February 22nd, the Heat will be officially hanging up that legendary number three jersey. 

We're not crying... it's just dusty in here. 

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