It's an exciting time to be a soccer fan in Miami. The city will finally be getting its long-awaited soccer team courtesy of part-owner David Beckham. After announcing that he would bring a soccer franchise to Miami years ago, the road to actually bringing the team to fruition has been a lengthy process but it seems Beckham and co. are finally getting the ball rolling. 

Over the past few months, the Miami club has made its first three player signings, it has announced a major sponsor beer sponsor in Heineken and has announced a location for its temporary Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. 

Inter Miami's debut season will actually be played in the former Lockhart area. 

The former Lockhart Stadium was home to the fabled NASL team, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. It's funny that Inter Miami should begin its history in the same grounds that the Strikers once played. The Fort Lauderdale Strikers' roster included some big-name players of the caliber David Beckham would adore to sign. Players such as Ray Hudson, Thomas Rongen and George Best. 

While it's very exciting that Inter Miami's logo and colors look great and the players Beckham and co. have recruited seem to have loads of potential, there is one major detail that seems to have been pushed under the rug. 

Inter Miami's new stadium is not ready yet, not by a long shot. 

In fact, this is what it currently looks like. 

Certainly, this is very concerning. 

About a week ago, Jorge Mas expressed optimism in completing construction of the new stadium ahead of the 2020 MLS season. 

Mas told the SunSentinel, "Lockhart Stadium is up and running, we got foundations in the ground ... we're on schedule which is good."

The Inter Miami part-owner also said the stands are currently being built and that the canopy and stell should be on the stadium ground within the next three months. 

That leaves Inter Miami with four months of construction on the ground to build and assemble its stadium before the 2020 MLS regular season kicks off next March.

Updates are surely set to arrive as the club still needs to announce a manager besides guaranteeing this temporary stadium. 

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