Social media has no chill, especially when it comes to celebs. After LeBron James' shoe unboxing video was posted, fans went wild making fun of it; and it's kind of hilarious. 

LeBron James is set to begin his second season as a Los Angeles Laker. The three-time NBA champion has a lot to prove after a disappointing season last year and he will look to new teammate Anthony Davis for some help. Judging by the former Heat player's social media activity, he is looking forward to his 17th year in the league. James has been posting his morning workouts often.

And with a new NBA season come new shoes, of course. James took to Instagram just the other day to share a video of himself unboxing his brand new Nike shoes. While LeBron certainly wanted the shoes to be the stars of the show, fans seem to prefer to talk (read: make fun of) about James instead. 

Look, LeBron is a character. Apart from being one of the greatest talents the NBA has ever seen, he is a known jokester and has a personality s big as his game. We've shown how passionate LeBron can get at his son's games. We have also spoken on the divided opinions relating to his courtside behavior

It's only natural for an outgoing and larger than life personality like LeBron's to polarize opinions. Sometimes he is beloved, sometimes he gets ragged on. However, sometimes fans just enjoy poking fun at the guy who seemingly can't do wrong on the court. 

And that's exactly what they did after his Instagram story was posted in full video form by @brkicks. 

Before we delve into the jokes, we should acknowledge how impressive that packaging is by Nike. It tells a story and it's extremely interactive. Hats off to the people working hard over at Swoosh headquarters. 

Now to the good stuff. We'll let the people's Tweets speak for themselves. 

Harsh? Perhaps. But fans can say what they want. Tons of people loved the shoes, so much in fact that the first drop of "Future Air" colorway sold out almost immediately

And judging by this quote, LeBron has more up his sleeves as far as shoe hype goes. We are so ready for the drama.

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