This basketball season has been one for the books, and the Miami Heat players & fans alike are making the most of it. The Heat has been playing some of the best team basketball in the league and currently finds itself in third place in the Eastern Conference. This impressively strong start to the season has brought plenty of excitement to Heat fans old and new.

One particular Heat fan got plenty of attention earlier this season during a Heat loss on the road. This Heat lifer provided us all with some inspiring words in the final seconds of the Heat vs. Nuggets game.

The Heat organization recognized that this man embodies everything Heat culture stands for and decided to show him some love. On Wednesday night, Heat fan Javi was finally able to meet his favorite player, Kendrick Nunn as Miami defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers at the American Airlines Arena. 

Kendrick Nunn has had a whirlwind of a season so far. The undrafted rookie gained attention in the preseason by dropping 40 points against the Houston Rockets. Ever since then, Nunn has been a delightful surprise to all Heat fans. 

He has definitely got one huge fan in Javi from Denver. 

The Heat obsessive gifted Nunn a pair of original t-shirts inspired by Javi's memorable fifteen minutes of fame back in Denver. 

For those of you who may not recall the link between this seemingly random fan and Kendrick Nunn, here is the back story:

Earlier this month, the Heat were visiting the Denver Nuggets on an away game. As the final seconds of the game were dwindling down, the Heat were trailing by more than twenty points. A single Heat fan was caught by the Sun Sports cameras providing some much-needed words of motivation. 

Thus, was born the trend of "keep it going." Javi's enthusiasm is not only impressive due to just how positive he was feeling during an imminent loss, but it's a bit unexpected for any Heat fan to ride this hard for Kendrick Nunn. 

Don't forget, Nunn is an undrafted rookie. Outside for the Heat organization, the guy was relatively unknown. Which makes Wednesday's meeting between these two massive figures in the Heat's 2019/20 season so special. 

One can see that both Javi and Nunn genuinely appreciated meeting each other. 

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