Miami Heat's training camp began yesterday as Erik Spoelstra's team looks to redeem itself from last season's disappointing ending (Miami failed to make the Eastern Conference playoffs). While many of the Heat players seemed happy to get back to work, none were more so than Miami Heat player and newcomer Jimmy Butler.

The former Philadelphia 76er was in the gym a bit earlier than the rest of his teammates. The Heat's newest leader is already living up to his infamous competitive drive and dedication. For Heat players and staff, Butler's intensity is nothing new. The four-time all-star was all over the Heat's media day with jokes, smiles and intensity. With the help of Tyler Herro, it seems the Heat have discovered whom their "class clowns" for this season will be.

An NBA team's media day is a light-hearted way to introduce the new faces of the team as well as re-introducing the more familiar ones as they all don the upcoming season's new jerseys. Speaking of new jerseys...

Justise Winslow, James Johnson and Bam Adebayo put their game faces on alongside the Heat's newest #22, Jimmy Butler. Butler, who is living up to expectations and fitting in just fine. The guy was everywhere at media day. 

Take a look: the Heat's infamous social media team has Butler scattered throughout its media pay footage.

Butler even shouted out one of the elite soccer players of the world, Neymar. 

As much fun as Butler was having, he was not alone. Rookie Tyler Herro was always nearby cooking up equal amounts of fun. 

Check out the dance move's on the Heat's first-round draft pick:

And it does not stop there, folks. Herro also has singing chops. 

 Although we are not sure what the sweater is about. 

If it's up to Herro and Butler, Heat fans are clearly in for one fun ride this upcoming season. 

The Heat newcomers seems to have a great relationship already. Butler said so in his official Heat press conference last week. 

You love to see it and so do Heat fans. 

Stay tuned for more Heat shenanigans. 

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