The NBA's season has been suspended for just about a week now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The timeline and conditions regarding the remainder of the season and its return are still unclear. What is clear though, players have been finding their own ways to spend their days in the meantime — and that includes the Miami Heat's, Meyers Leonard

We have seen how various athletes in Miami have been staying in shape while their respective leagues having been suspended and having to stay away from their usual training facilities and environments.

Some have crafted back yard gyms, while others work on their secret sports skills by landing some trick shots. Leonard however, is keeping is mind active instead with a little video gaming.

It appears the NBA star has a pretty active Twitch account and he has been talking a big game about how great he is at Call of Duty. Leonard took to Twitter recently to tell his fans just how good he thinks he is at the first-person shooter.

"There is no dispute," says Leonard's post, "I am THE best COD NBA player. HAMMER X NUKE." He goes on to tag multiple accounts, including the NBA, Bleacher Report, Bar Stool Sports, ESPN, Call of Duty, and Sports Center.


The Heat star's post also includes a clip of him blazing through the game, shooting down enemies as they cross his path. This Twitter post isn't the only place Leonard shared some clips though; on Instagram the baller meets streamer shares a highlight reel from some of his matches.

His Twitter statement amassed a variety of responses including one comment saying it's BS than he's not only good at basketball, but Call of Duty too.


While he got some compliments, he also caught some flak from one user claiming he was camping.

Camping is a term used to describe someone who will "camp" or hide in a remote location on a given map and wait until the rest of the players show up in his or her range so that the camper can scope them out from their hiding place and shoot them down.


Whether you think his game is legit or not, you can decide for yourself by checking out Leonard's Twitch channel here

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