It's that time of the year, football season is upon us. And by football season, we do not just mean NFL. College football is also back in action and it starts with one heck of a matchup in South Florida. The University of Miami Hurricanes will face the University of Florida Gators on Aug. 24.

While the 'Canes may be seen as the underdog in this matchup, they certainly do not intend to look the part for the entirety of the season as they recently released images of their new uniforms for 2019. 

The rivalry between the 'Canes and the Gators is an old and heated one. UM and UF are some of the most established programs in the country, let alone in Florida. 

However, this upcoming match between the Sunshine State giants will be a special one. The season-opener will be the first time the sides have faced each other in six years. The last time they faced each other, the Miami school defeated the Gators 21-16 at home. 

This time around, the game will be played in a neutral stadium. The 2019 iteration of this rivalry will take place in Orlando's Camping World Stadium. So not only will this game feel different due to the neutral site and it being a season opener, but it will look different as well. 

We have mentioned what some NFL teams are doing to engage fans ahead of the upcoming football season

Tuesday afternoon, the University of Miami unveiled its newest uniforms ahead of the new season. While the 'Canes will not be wearing these new threads on the big game against the Gators, they will surely be feeling a confidence boost with the release of an ad like this:

This will be the second season in which the University of Miami will partner with German sportswear brand, Adidas. The U seems to be on the same wavelength as David Beckham and Inter Miami. Previously, UM had counted on American brand Nike to provide its gear. 

After Adidas joined forces with huge celebrities such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Kendall Jenner, the three stripes gained an entirely new cult following from an entirely new audience. American sports entities and athletes followed suit. 

Last season, UM debuted their first football uniform by Adidas. Let's just say it was a shock to fans used to seeing the green and orange provided by a Nike swoosh. 

Here's what some fans had to say about this year's iteration. 

These guys clearly dig a Nike uniform. They may be upset to hear that UM's rivals have also unveiled some new kits. The Gators will be rocking these Jordan brand uniforms against UM. 

However, some Miami fans are digging the new Adidas gear. 

Regardless of your allegiance or lack thereof, this game ought to be both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. 

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