Let's face it, everyone: The Miami Dolphins are flat out awful.  In the four games that the Dolphins have played this season, not only have they lost all of them, but they have failed to score in half of them. The two games where the 'Phins did score in, they were only capable of scoring a single touchdown.

Thankfully on this National Taco Day, Miami Dolphin's Taco Charlton has been giving fans something to smile about. The first-round draft pick is rocking some serious bling to commemorate this tasty gastronomic holiday and fans are loving it. 

It has been an embarrassing time to be a Dolphins fan — it's as if Dolphins faithful need to look to matters outside of the field to find any semblance of joy in their football lives. Anything that will distract them from the shame the team brings from the field.

Taco Charlton has been one of the very few silver linings in the Dolphins' season thus far. The defensive end has gotten two sacks in the two games in which he has played thus far. The former Michigan Wolverine shows plenty of potential and 'Dol-phans' are hoping the youngster remains with the franchise for years to come if he keeps this type of performance up. 

The Dolphins posted this great video of the 24-year-old earlier this week. 

Well, Charlton really upped the ante on this day of days: National Taco Day. Nothing quite says Taco Day like taco bling. Check out this amazing accessorizing Charlton did to celebrate the big day:

We think it's safe to say, no one is celebrating Taco Day like Taco Charlton right now. 

While fans knew it would be a tough year, no one expected it to be this embarrassing. So the Dolphins social media team is really just taking anything they can. 

To the relief of Miami fans everywhere, this upcoming week will be a bye week for the Dolphins. Some fans are saying what's on all of our minds:

But of course, nothing's guaranteed, right? Here's to hoping.


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