The Miami Dolphins were having a historically bad year. That is until Coach Brian Flores rallied the troops to pull off two back to back wins against the Jets and the Colts, respectively. Two wins are nothing to write home about but it's a heck of a lot better than being the butt of every single joke in the league. This past Sunday, the Dolphins added one more win to their record when they hosted the Philadelphia Eagles in Miami.

The 3-9 Miami team is nowhere near pleasing their fans, per se. However, 'Dolfans' standards have been at an all-time low. So you better believe fans were going to walk out of the Hard Rock Stadium with smiles across their faces when they see a trick play like the one witnessed on Sunday. 

It was late in the second quarter and Miami was nowhere near securing the coveted win they sought after. In fact, we were down 7-13 as the Philadelphia Eagles were heading into halftime with a lead.

That is until the Dolphins' special teams lined up for a fourth and goal play. It turned out that Flores and his staff drew up one of the greatest trick plays we have seen this year across the league. 

As the two teams gathered around the line of scrimmage for what was expected to be a regular old field goal attempt on a fourth and goal play, quickly became something extraordinary. The 'Phins special team scattered and the Eagles had no idea what was going on. 

This video posted by the social team is not only hilarious but perfectly illustrates the entire play. 

By referencing that classic Star Wars scene where Admiral Ackbar yells "It's a trap!" in Return of the Jedi, the 'Phins seemingly perfectly contextualized the Eagles' feelings in before that play went down. 

Dolphins Punter, Matt Haack, received the pall from the snap in the Quarter Back position and faked a scramble. Amid the confusion, Dolphins field goal kicker Jason Sanders snuck past the Eagles players and appeared in the end zone. 

Thus, the first-ever punter to kicker touchdown pass was completed. 

The social team was not the only group of people showing this play the love it deserves.

Amazon Prime made a list of the top five plays of the weekend and it featured two Miami plays. Star wide receiver, DeVante Parker, got the number three play with his amazing sideline TD catch. But of course, the trick play on everyone's minds got the top spot on the list. 

As great as the trick play was, the Dolphins got what truly mattered out of Sunday's game which was the "W." Flores and company will look to keep the momentum going as the team visit arch-rivals New York Jets this Sunday. 

Apart from this being a heated rivalry, the Jets managed to lose to the winless Cincinnati Bengals this weekend. Throw the records out the window because Sunday will be anyone's game. 

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