Most would argue that the Miami Dolphins are not playing football well this season. If you're wondering how the Miami Dolphins play season is going, they lost all three games so far and have managed to score just one single touchdown in the process. 

In fact, the Dolphins are doing so unwell that they have already caused speculation on whether they are purposefully tanking or not when they haven't even played a fourth of their games for the season. This weekend the Dolphins will face the Los Angeles Chargers at home in the Hard Rock Stadium.

Ahead of the matchup, the Dolphins decided to post a vintage clip from a notorious game against San Diego back in 1982. The clip shows the play where the now famous hook and lateral play was invented. While that is all well and good, it's important to note that the Dolphins ended up losing that game anyway. Some things just never change.

It should come as a surprise to no one that the Dolphins are struggling. Miami was projected to fail before the season began and they are living up to those expectations. Obviously, Dolphins fans aren't too pleased with the way the team has been playing. However, Miami football fans are no strangers to suffering with the Dolphins franchise and their lack of success.

While Miami may be the only team with a perfect record in the NFL, that was back in 1972. Miami has not reached the Superbowl often since then. So yeah, things have not been easy for Dolphins fans. This weekend the Dolphins are set to face a struggling 1-2 Los Angeles Charger team. Ahead of the game, the Dolphins posted a throwback on its social media from a now-notorious matchup against the Chargers from 1982. 

The video shows one of the most famous plays in NFL history: the creation of the hook and lateral. A stroke of genius by Don Shula and his staff changed the game of football forever.

The only problem here is that the Dolphins actually lost that game...

While the play itself is a thing of beauty, the end result was what truly proved to be vintage Dolphins. Fans were quick to point out this harsh truth. 

Maybe this weekend the Dolphins can turn things around. If it's one thing Dolphins fans know how to do is hope. 

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