Exciting things are happening with one of Florida's favorite teams. The Miami Heat were able to pick up their first win of the season in last night's home opener against the Memphis Grizzlies and fans couldn't be happier 

A youthful Heat roster was able to get the 'W' without Jimmy Butler. While that had the entire city in a great mood, Miami was also treated to a special surprise at halftime of Wednesday's night game. At this point in time, the Heat were trailing 24-32.

But fans were quickly distracted from the game at hand due to the presence of a Heat legend. A spotlight turned on in the stands and at the center of it, was former Heat sharp-shooter Ray Allen. The two-time NBA champ walked directly toward one of the most important spots on the 'Triple A' court. That's right: he walked toward the spot where he sunk "The Shot."

"The Shot" is sacred history for any real Heat fan at this point. For those unacquainted with the tale and origin of "The Shot," here is a quick primer: The year was 2013 and the Miami Heat were in the NBA Finals for the third consecutive year under the wings of Miami's "big three" (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh). The Heat's rival for the Finals was the San Antonio Spurs. 

In-Game 6 of that heated Finals series, the Heat were in jeopardy of losing the Title in Miami until Ray Allen produced one of the most clutch three-point shots in NBA history. This video ought to do more than we could explain.

Without that three-point shot, The Miami Heat would not have won that NBA title. It's that simple. Therefore, one could understand how indebted and grateful Heat fans may feel toward Allen.

Here's what it looked like when the Hall-of-Famer was presented last night:

Those who were not able to show their gratitude in person last night did so on Twitter.

This is a great point. Allen may only have spent a short amount of time in Miami. However, the nostalgia of that one shot is so strong and it was such a crucial moment for the Heat franchise that he is permanently etched in Heat history. 

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