Staying home and social distancing has almost felt like a New Years Resolution with so many people starting up new fitness routines and challenges on social media to join in on. If you’ve vowed to take this time to invest in your body and bring exercise back into your daily routine or are just looking for new ways to shake it up at home, the Miami Heat has your back! You can actually train like the pros via Twitter with this routine from captain Udonis Haslem.

Toting the hashtags #PlayInside and #NBATogether, the video is a reminder that we’re all in this together and that one of our local NBA teams still has players working hard to stay on their game.

Presented by Baptist Health South Florida, co-hosts Terek and captain Udonis will run you through some agility drills that keep basketball players on their toes — literally.

From measuring your speed in lane drills to shuttle runs, the exercises test your ability to change direction at a moment’s notice, something that is vital in the game of basketball.

Whether you’re looking to expand your positioning skills or just want to up your speed, you can set the stopwatch on your phone and following along with the video as you run through these exercises right in your living room.

Captain Udonis explains that conditioning the body to respond to lateral movements, quickness, and explosiveness is not only important for a good player, but also helps to prevent injury.

Udonis even jokes to Terek after he gets a decent time for lane drills that he could play for him, securing a time only a second higher than the pro average.

Don't use Twitter? No problem — the video is also available on Facebook. Challenge yourself to get creative with these drills, set up some pillows as cones, and follow along with the pros!

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