The Miami Heat is proving to the entire league that its impressive campaign so far this season has been no fluke. With the NBA All-Star break just around the corner, teams are becoming more and more aware of their rest and recovery. The Heat's Bam Adebayo and Justise Winslow found a rather interesting way to enjoy their day off this Tuesday. 

It is no secret to any Heat fan that Adebayo can be quite the class clown, especially when joined by Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro. However, this Tuesday, Heat fans were treated to Adebayo's antics alongside another team member entirely. 

Justise Winslow had been rather quiet on social media and the basketball court alike so far this season. The fan-favorite guard seems to be about to change that, as he is set for an injury comeback any day now, and has even been actively tweeting as of late. 

While Heat fans are glad to see the former Duke Blue Devil return to action for Miami, many are equally delighted in seeing the 23-year-old's activity on Twitter. From hilarious tweets to awesome behind the scenes footage, Winslow is cementing himself as a must-follow for lovers of the sport. 

As far as evidence of this, look no further than Winslow's live-tweeting of his Miami Seaquarium adventure alongside Bam Adebayo. 

Winslow put on a Twitter class in excellent content this Tuesday. 

Winslow tweeted this picture of the Heat big man getting ready to fit into this Miami Seaquarium bodysuit. Seems like Bam was a little camera shy.

Whether Adebayo was in a good mood or not before he got in the water is up for debate, but it definitely seems as though he enjoyed himself once he met his new pals from the Seaquarium.

Adebayo looks and sounds as though he is in complete shock. "I'm riding a Dolphin," he says, as his eyes seem to be bulging out of his face in amazement and a dolphin pulls him along one side of a pool to the other. Winslow, on the other hand, seemed pretty composed with the whole experience. 

Remember when we mentioned that this was a rather interesting way to spend a day off to rest? It seems one fan, in particular, was criticizing Winslow for just that reason.

Winslow decided to remind Walter, the aforementioned disgruntled fan of the pros of swimming and how it is exactly what him and Adebayo needed. And as Winslow mentions, he was literally just being pulled by the dolphin. His body was not doing much exertion at all. 

Fans were delighted at Winslow's clap back. 

"Justise Winslow on Twitter is my favorite thing about 2020 so far." As we said, Winslow is a must-follow. 

The exact reason for the Heat duo's visit to the Seaquarium has not yet been determined. A tweet that has since been deleted from the Miami Heat account mentioned that the entire footage would be released on a Heat TV segment.

Heat TV is a program that fans can enjoy on the American Airlines Jumbotron on halftime and quarter breaks during Heat games. 

The next home game for Winslow and company is Wednesday, January 15 against the San Antonio Spurs. Be on the lookout for what will surely be some hilarious bodysuit footage of these two ballers. 

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