If you often find yourself wondering what Dwyane Wade is up to these days, besides being in retirement, he's pretty active on social media and always updating his fans. For example, the former Heat guard posted one of his filthiest dunks on Instagram an hour ago and Heat fans are absolutely loving it. 

The former NBA champion completed his 16th season in the league last year. This past weekend, Wade was in the building as the Miami Heat faced the Los Angeles Lakers in the Staples Center.

Wade admitted that watching this game reassured him of his decision to retire from the game. The following day Wade commented, "I can honestly say I did not have the urge to play last night." That being said, Wade proved to us all this weekend that while he may not wish to play anymore, a quick trip down memory lane is always welcome. 

A little bit of context regarding this game: The Miami Heat were hosting LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers at the American Airlines Arena back in November of 2009. This would come to be LeBron Jame's last season during his first stint in Cleveland. Less than a year after this game was played, James would be calling Miami home... what a time. 

However, before LeBron arrived in Miami, the 305 already had its knight in shining armor. Miami loved and continues to adore Wade for a multitude of reasons, but this dunk on Anderson Varejao definitely makes the list. 

Here is the full video of the iconic play: 

In 2009, the Cleveland Cavaliers were seen as one of the premier teams in the league besides the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. So you can bet your bottom dollar Wade and company were going to bring their A-game to this eastern conference matchup. Especially considering that Wade was going to face his pal LeBron. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers went on to win that game. However, we'd argue that that does not even matter. Nor does anyone recall. This Dwyane Wade dunk (and LeBron's eventual move to Miami) eclipsed the scoreline. Center Anderson Varejao had no idea what hit him.

Heat fans are loving the flashback provided by Wade on this Tuesday afternoon. 

This one fan shoes to highlight the play-by-play call that came along with the monster jam. TNT was airing the game and legendary broadcaster Marv Albert was on play-by-play duty with former NBA payer Reggie Miller. The famous broadcaster could not hide his emotion after witnessing one of the most powerful dunks of the season and thus he uttered the now infamous line: "welcome to your Kodiak moment!"

Hopefully, some of the current Heat players are able to se Wade's post for inspiration for Tuesday night's matchup against the Detroit Pistons. The game tips off at 7:30p.m. at the American Airlines Arena. 

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