Tuesday morning Tom Brady formally announced that he would be leaving the New England Patriots. While the move may have come as a surprise, folks were immediately asking the same question: "where will he go now?" The answer comes by way of a formal statement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers regarding Tom Brady this morning. 

The move was all but official, until this Friday morning. 

Brady's move away from the New England Patriots marks the end of a 20-year relationship with the team, as well as a close working relationship with coach Bill Belichick.

Brady and Belichick are not considered one of the greatest QB-Coach combinations ever for nothing. During Brady's time at New England, the Patriots won all six of the franchise's NFL titles and created one of the most dominating sports dynasties. 

Luckily for Buccaneers fans, Brady's talents will come to their team that saw less than a 50% win rate for the 2019 season. Brady's move has many experts making predictions and claiming that the Buccs are now favorites to reach the Super Bowl. 

Just an hour ago, a photo of Brady signing with the Buccs was posted to his Instagram page. The quarterback donned a black hoodie and watch, smiling as he flipped through to pages of the contract.

"I'm starting a new football journey," said Brady, "and thankful for the Buccaneers for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do."

This post follows a thank you post the once New Englander shared, telling his fans that his 20 years with the Pats were some of the happiest years of his life and he has nothing but gratitude for his time with the team.

The Buccaneers also announced the signing of the ex-Patriot on their Instagram page too, by way of a cinematic video featuring the star quarterback.

The post simply reads, "TB x TB." The minimalist caption seemingly standing for Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccs.

While the Coronavirus has suspended the NBA and other sports organizations for at least 30 days, it's still possible that the NFL season will continue later in the year. As of now, no announcement to cancel or postpone their season has been released. Get ready Buccs fans!

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