Coquitlam has a lot of fun things to do if you don't drink. Going on a date in the tri-city town just east of Vancouver doesn't have to require being buzzed. I get it, it's a lot easier to laugh along at your dates dumb jokes with a couple of brews or to loosen yourself up between talking about your childhood and your hopes and dreams like you're on a psychologist's sofa if you've had a couple of glasses of merlot first but trust me, you'll be fine. 

It's so easy to just default to dinner for your next date. With Netflix and Chill becoming a more and more viable option for date nights, doesn't dinner sound like something fun and different that you can do together? Grab a meal, talk, share a pitcher of beer have a glass of wine! It's so romantic! No! Come on, people! You're the millennial generation. You're all about trying new things and thinking outside the box. Your idea of fun can't just be limited to a few main courses and a disappointing dessert menu. 

If you’re new to the city or have lived here your entire life you should probably explore the town that can often be overlooked. You’ve probably exhausted most of your dating spots in Vancouver and let’s be honest, all the good spots are over saturated with hipsters or bros and nothing is worth lining up for anymore. Summer is just around the corner and you can be drunk in love just off those gorgeous rays and some outdoor activities. 

Put down the fermented grape juice and instead check out any of these places listed below. Between the comedy, the art, and the crafts, you'll forget what dinner and drinks on a date was even like. 

Here is the list of the most unique places to take a date in Coquitlam! 
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Place des Arts // 1120 Brunette Ave

Get your creative juices flowing at Place des Arts a non-profit arts centre with art programs, classes, music, and theatre. 

You and your date will have your pick of all kinds of art classes to try from creating comics to zen drawing and everything in between. 

Cost: Depends on the class 

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via @coquitlam_heritage

Mackin House Museum // 1116 Brunette Ave

Find a way to go back in time with bae. Slowing down is important in this digital day and age. Go visit the Mackin House Museum which has been restored to mirror life in Coquitlam in the early 1900s. 

Come down for a free tour of the house or make a day of it with a scheduled tour of the neighbourhood! 

Cost: $2 scheduled tours 


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The Giggle Dam Theatre // 2616 Shaughnessy St

Let's face it. You already watch SNL with a mouthful of dinner on the couch every weekend, and you're nowhere near having enough money to buy yourself a plane ticket to NYC so why not bring a taste of SNL to you?

The Giggle Dam Theatre is the next best thing with 4 hours of non-PC, live, musical comedy served with dinner! 

Cost: $57 per person

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Hard Rock Casino // 2080 United Blvd

Coquitlam's Hard Rock Casino is more than just its name. Gambling is only part of the excitement. There is also always live entertainment in the Asylum Sound Stage, great dining, shopping, and they even host boxing matches! 

Throw on your best threads and make a Vegas night from your own backyard. 

Cost: Depends on how "dangerous" you are on those slots


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JJ Family Spa // 3000 Christmas Way

This Korean-style bathhouse has a dry and steam sauna, hot & cold tubs, salt room, and more for you and your babe to use before being pampered with a massage. A spa day is the best way to unwind with your date before a night out on the town. 

Cost: Prices vary per service 

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via @trappedcoquitlam

Trapped // 1300 Woolridge St

What's better than 3D? 4D? Pscht. 5D is where it's at and Trapped is offering 5D escape rooms. Trapped is one of the biggest escape rooms in North America and prides itself on giving you the feeling like you're truly trapped. 

With 60 minutes locked in a room, you can really get to know a person. Are you and your s/o ready for the challenge? 

Cost: $25

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DVC Ventures // 1655 Broadway St

Unleash your rage at the only indoor shooting range in BC that rents guns to the public. You don't need a firearm license to attend the range which means you can roll in, shoot some zombies, and roleplay as Bond and his Bond girl. 

Cost: $30 


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Coquitlam Farmer's Market 

Couples who support local together, stay together. Come down to the Coquitlam Farmer's Market and scope out the jewelery (just necklaces -- no pressure, guys!), fresh cut flowers, food, and more! 

The Market is open on Sundays from now until October 29th. 

Cost: Free! 

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