Whether is raining outside or scorching at 90 degrees, this hidden gem in Kendall will transport you back in time with your favorite childhood games. Arcade Odyssey is South Florida's number one arcade featuring retro, classic, new, and ultra-rare arcade games.

The moment you walk into the venue, you will feel like you're in a scene from Stranger Things. Pinballs lined up on the side and a huge collection of classic consoles, make this place video game heaven.

From fighting to music games, Arcade Odyssey brings a huge variety of consoles for the gamer at heart. This place is the first and only arcade in the world to stream right from the arcade machines themselves.

The arcade also features a nice bar in the back where you can purchase a wide variety of snacks such as mochi ice cream, Mexican cokes, bubble tea, ramen, yakisoba, as well as craft beers, imported beers and a large selection of shakes.

While you sip on your beer, you can play BurgerTime, Dragon's Lair, Game of Thrones, Dr. Mario, Guitar Hero, and more.

Each corner of this arcade is a step back to childhood where arcades were the pastime of choice. If you are a score hoarder, Arcade Odyssey can track your scoring achievement at Aurcade.com.

All machines use tokens, so all you need is cash. You get three tokens for $1 and if you use a $10 bill you will get three extra tokens. Most games are one to two tokens. Popular games are three to four tokens.

You can use a PC for $5 an hour or $12 for all day. This is indeed the place to hide and escape into a world of racing cars and fantasy.

Arcade Odyssey

Address: 12045 SW. 117th Ave., Miami, FL 33186

Hours: Monday to Thursday midnight to noon, Friday to Saturday noon to 2 a.m., and Sunday noon to 10 p.m.

Why you need to go: This retro arcade offers classic and new games with a bar serving Japanese treats.


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