I mean, are we still going to a movie and a dinner for a date? I think it’s about time we broaden our horizons and switch the scene up! Like honestly if you want to see the next Matthew McConaughey flick, we’ll wait until it's on Redbox. Don’t worry; he’ll still get a check.

But seriously, why not step out of your comfort zone? Too many relationships are failing way before they even begin. Riding the wave or following trends can only get you so far. It’s time to put your thinking caps on and any place you thought wasn’t going to be date-worthy, I need you to start your engines and go there.

Did you forget you’re in Atlanta? Hello! There are so many exciting things to do here. There are so many different types of restaurants to try out and things to explore. So don’t worry, we’ve already done the legwork for you and mapped out a complete list for you to follow. Now, I pass the torch to you my friend; now go experience them!

Auto Spa Bistro

Where: 348 14th St NW

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Oh, you didn’t think to get your cash washed together was cute, huh? Well, clearly you haven’t been to the Auto Spa Bistro! Yes, read that name again — your car will go through a spa while you wait and eat! Like how out the box would that be? Both of you guys can meet each other there, drop ‘Tornado’ and ‘ Blue Moon’ off in the front, and head inside to enjoy one of the best bistro’s in the city!

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Sips Under The Sea

Where: 225 Baker St

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You hear more about people going to the Georgia Aquarium who have kids but not so much the kid-less folks. So of course, that’s why Sips Under The Sea was created!

The Aquarium has special events throughout the year where only adults can attend. That’s right, the 21 and older crowd can enjoy fun, themed events and also have the whole Aquarium to themselves. So if you haven’t thought about visiting Dolphins, be sure to rethink that!

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Where: 1255 Roswell Rd

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Asking someone if they want to play laser tag is far more impressive than going to the movies. Plus, there isn’t anything better than reliving your childhood with someone else. At Andretti, that’s exactly what you will be able to do for date night!

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Enjoy a fun-filled evening riding go-cart, jumping from ropes and of course laser tag. This is also a great way to break the ice in those awkward conversations.

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Painting With A Twist

Where: 2140 Peachtree Rd NW

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What is better than a blank canvas, paint, and some wine? It sounds like a great time to me! Honestly, dates don’t have to be so heavy. They can just be relaxing and light and of course super fun! Paint a portrait with your SO and create some lasting memories.


The Battery Atlanta

Where: 800 Battery Ave SE

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Being able to walk around outside with your drink of choice, in public, is called living, okay!

The Battery Atlanta is still considered fairly new, and folks simply love what they have to offer! If you’re not up for watching the Braves win, feel free to hang out around the shops and many restaurants to tailgate. You both can soak up all those good vibes and energy from everyone around. Oh — don't forget to order a drink and walk around like you’re in Vegas!

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CNN Center Tour

Where: 190 Marietta St NW

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It’s no secret that CNN has a building downtown but did you know they have tours? Of course, there’s a fee for that but its worth the price. They offer a standard ticket rate that gives the history of CNN and how they claimed one of the top spots in the news business. However, if you dig a little deeper in your wallet, you can go inside live newsrooms and even go behind the scenes. Who would think this date would be so interesting?

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Atlanta Food Walks

Where: Given at the time of purchase**

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I’m willing to bet the Atlanta Food Walks would be one of the most creative dates you’ll ever have.

Atlanta Food Walks was created to bring Southern food and civil rights history together. With MLK Jr. being the center focus, you will be taken on a three-hour tour around historic places in the city as your guide tells stories about our late Hero. Rumor has it that MLK Jr. was a foodie so you get to eat at several the places he once ate at and/or be served his favorite dishes. So this date would definitely not be a letdown. PS — be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because you’re walking … a few miles to all locations! But I promise its way more fun than you think!

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Picture this—two people on a date hiking up a hill, out of breath and laughing about it. I mean come on, how romantic!

In the Atlanta area, we have two popular mountains you can hike. There’s Kennesaw Mountain and Stone Mountain. On weekends you can actually catch many couples hiking up the mountain. It's not only something different to do on a date but also very rejuvenating. Both of you guys mind as well start the potential relationship off on a healthy note!

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Taco Hoping

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I bet you’ve never heard of anyone taco hopping — which is exactly why you should do it! It’s already a fact that #TacoTuesday is basically a holiday in Atlanta. We have more taco spots then I can count and not to mention all of them are most likely amazing! Since the price of Tacos is dirt cheap, you mind as well taco hop! Creative some really good memories with your date by snapping selfies in front of each spot. Suggestion: Start at Twisted Taco.

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Mandarin Oriental

Where: 3376 Peachtree Rd NE

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Of course, we all love receiving messages but how about receiving one together?

Mandarin Oriental is one of the best massage spas in Atlanta. They offer regular massage packages along with couples massage specials. You and your date can have the chance to be catered to in the same room. Enjoy an intimate time together, relaxing with your date.



Atlanta Movie Tours

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Sure, you guys may have been living in Atlanta for quite some time, but do you really, really, know Atlanta?

The Atlanta Tour Bus is probably best known to the tourists that come into town. But it also makes as a great outing if you’re already a resident since most of us are creature by nature. We do and go to the same places. But take a Saturday afternoon and pretend you guys are the tourist. Explore your city with a fresh pair of eyes. Plus, you may learn something!

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World Of Coca Cola

Where: 121 Baker St NW

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Yet another popular tourist attraction.

Everyone's either a Coke person or a Pepsi person. If you're a Coke person you're in luck cause the factory is in town. Couples visit all the time to explore and learn more about basically the world's best drink. It’s also a pretty big facility with many cool adventures to do. For instance, you both will be able to make your very own Coke flavor together! How fun!

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Cool Beans Coffee Roasters

Where: 31 Mill St

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If it’s one thing that’s sort of underrated, it’s cafes!

Café’s make the greatest and sweetest dates — ever! Especially if you visit Cool Beans Café! Located in Metro Atlanta, this café is the place to be if you want to have a relaxing time together. They offer a wide variety of teas and coffees along with some goodie snacks. But if you both luck up and get to sit at one of the bigger tables, they provide you with some table games to play! So kick back and chill for your next date night. With some chill music in the background and a latte in your hand, what can go wrong?

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Eat On Buford Highway

Where: Buford Highway

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What's more fun than being on a date and hopping out of the car every few seconds for some food? I’ll wait.

Ditch the typical restaurant scene and drive to Buford Highway for some of the best multicultural dining foods Atlanta has to offer. You’ll find everything from Korean food, Salvadoran, and, of course, Southern food, along a seven-mile stretch. Get your taste buds excited. But there’s just one tip you both should know — order small plates so you’ll have the chance to experience a lot of food.

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Shoot The Hooch

Where: 203 Azalea Dr

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Forget heading to FL to hit up a beach, enjoy a fun day at a lazy river!

Just after a short drive north of Atlanta, you too can indulge in paddle boarding, tubing, and canoeing! Shoot The Hooch at the Chattahoochee River is one of Atlanta natives favorite places to venture off too. Its tucked away on the Suburb side so you’re away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. You can also enjoy a nice hiking date once the weather gets cooler. Get you some bug repellant and enjoy your date!

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Top Golf

Where: 1600 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW

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Because those boring date nights of miniature golf are long gone.

In recent years Top Golf has appeared on the scene and is now a big name for social events. Top Golf is way more than miniature — its an experience like none other. Play some rounds with your date and indulge in some amazing food while you’re at it!

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Punch Bowl Social

Where: 875 Battery Ave SE

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Sadly, not everyone can make it to an Atlanta Braves game but that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the energy of it!

Located in the heart of The Battery Atlanta, the Punch Bowl Social takes a fun adventure to a new level. This may not be your typical date but I ensure you, its like no other. Come and enjoy a time of your life and relive your childhood! Punch Bowl Social offers a boutique bowling area, pool hall, private karaoke and a wall of old school games. Not to mention, their menu is top notch! You won’t be eating just burgers and tenders here!

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Public School 404

Where: 930 Howell Mill Road

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No, this isn’t some kind of school tour.

Public School 404 is gonna be your new favorite happy hour spot. Or you can just come for the grub. Besides the food being amazing, you and your date get to create memories at this unique spot. The decor is chic mixed with old school vibes. There's also a wide variety of games to play such as like life-size Jenga.

But check this out — their menu is a composition book, the brunch menu is a scantron sheet and napkins look like lined paper! I mean, it’s basically a classroom! Name a better place to have a date at … exactly.

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