We all know Atlanta is probably close to claiming the 'drinking capital' title. With Wine Down Wednesdays and major drink specials for Taco Tuesdays, Atlanta is the place to be for good drinks. But what if you just want to have a good time without a glass in your hand? Or better yet, having a sober mind for date night on Tuesday? Because that guy or girl you met on Saturday night, may very well look different come date night.

But don’t think for a second that because you’re not drinking means you’ll now have a boring time. Atlanta is filled with some pretty unique places to take a date to if you don’t drink. Everything from outside events, scrolling around or grabbing some good eats, we have it here in Atl. Trust me, the places you’re about to read may very well be better than some drinking event you planned on going to … well maybe.

Agatha’s A Taste Of Mystery

Where: 161 Peachtree Center Ave NE

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Because who said comedians only joke about life experiences and trending topics? If you want to experience a unique comedy show like never before, head to Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery. You and your date can enjoy a yummy five-course meal with a side of ... murder mystery! Six nights of the week, this Atlanta staple brings you the best comedian-actors in town that you’ve ever seen. They perform mystery shows with a twist you and your date will never forget.


Fox Theater

Where: 1660 Peachtree St NE

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Are you looking for a classic date night? If so, head to the famous Fox Theater for an amazing show! This old-school theater was built in the early 1900s and folks still can’t get enough of it. But if you’re date doesn’t want to sit and watch anything, settle for the tour option. Hold hands as you embark on a 60-minute tour around ten different locations within the theater while you learn the history of this great landmark.


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 The Varsity

Where: 61 North Ave NW

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Hotdogs on a date, anyone?

Why not visit the world’s largest drive-in restaurant for your next date night? Because sitting inside a restaurant is just, boring. Another Atlanta staple, this place is filled with history and love. Sit back in your car and chow down on their famous onion rings and hot dogs while you both listen to some retro Spotify playlists.

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AMC Dine-In

Where: 3340 Peachtree Rd N

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 Nothing says quality time like a dinner and a movie, together!

At the AMC Dine-In, your movie theater experience will be turned to the max. They offer the latest movies, super comfy chairs and a full menu to choose from. Now, you won’t be eating steak and lobster but you can order some flatbread pizza, burgers, or fish and chips — even salads are on the menu. You can even have your food delivered to you.


Atlanta BeltLine

Where: Several different starting points

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While you guys are busy catching feelings, you can also catch amazing views of the city on the Atlanta BeltLine. Rent a bike for cheap or just take a stroll on this 22-mile pathway that showcases a lot of Atlanta. Stop in some of the beautiful neighborhoods, parks, or trails that all circle around the city. Nothing says love at first sight then working out together.

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Ponce City Market

Where: 675 Ponce De Leon

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Whether you dress up or dress down at PCM, you will be sure to have a great time on your date. This indoor slash outdoor market isn’t anything you've ever seen before. It’s packed with a balance of chillness and fun. There's different food selections, shops, bookstores, and so many places to capture the perfect selfie. If you head upstairs, you may even catch some sounds from the Ponce piano! At PCM you can choose to have a date early in the day or even at night. It's an all around good time!

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Skyline Park

Where: 675 Ponce De Leon NE

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A mini amusement park on a rooftop is all you need for a date night. Their big slide, miniature golf, and boardwalk games will have you both reminiscing and sharing stories from your childhood. Basically, the only thing missing is some beach sand. The view from the top is spectacular too — hopefully, your date isn't scared of heights!

Skyline Park actually sits on top of Ponce City Market. So once you guys have stuffed your face, simply walk upstairs when you’re ready for your adventure to begin! There should be a really cool elevator man waiting to brief you on all the fun!

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 Krog Street Market

 Where: 99 Krog St NE

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A fancy dinner doesn’t always equal date night. Head down to Krog Street Market and taste some of the best food Atlanta has to offer. While you’re eating, stroll through some of their unique shops and buy your date a gift. Then, when you both get full, grab some tea and do some people watching together.


Atlanta Hot Glass

Where: 178 Laredo Drive

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I’m pretty sure your date hasn’t done anything like this so what are you waiting for? Sign up for date night at Atlanta Hot Glass and walk away with a mouth-made sculpture. Using 2000-degree temperatures, Atlanta Hot Glass will show you both everything you need to know about glassblowing. You two will be able to create a memorable piece that will last a lifetime.

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Where: 175 Laredo Drive

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Date night at Mudfire will definitely give you vibes from the movie Ghost. Two people creating art around a spinning wheel of mud, enjoying the moment — what could be better? Get down and dirty while you both laugh, create, and make some memories.

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Starlight Drive-In

Where: 2000 Moreland Ave SE

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Enjoy an old-school date at the Starlight Drive-In. As long as one of you guys have a good working car and FM radio, you’re in for a cute romantic time. Watch a newly released movie on the big screen and listen through your car speakers. Make sure to arrive early so you both get a great view! And don’t worry, if your car battery dies, Startlight Drive-In has jumper cables on deck.


Aamar Indian Cuisine

Where: 100 Luckie St NW

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What’s more romantic than great food served on paper plates? At Aamar Indian Cuisine you can enjoy authentic Indian food and great customer service. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and everything you need for a date night. Order the shrimp curry with naan bread — you won't be disappointed! Although their inside is tiny you can eat in the outside area, while you both enjoy Atlanta’s beautiful weather.

PS: parking is free if you dine in, so pull up a chair!

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 The Cooking School At Irwin Street

 Where: 660 Irwin Street

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Want to know if your date lied when they said they were a great cook? Sign up now for date night at The Cooking School At Irwin Street. They offer rates for couples to learn how to cook for two, the fun way! This is a fun, no-stress way to learn to cook. The Cooking School makes sure you leave with useful information so that the next date night is at home.

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Grocery On Home

Where: 609 Home Avenue SE

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Get some sandwiches made or even bring leftovers before heading to Grocery On Home. They say music fuels the soul but so does food. Grocery On Home is a local classic music compound that offers live tunes. They sell absolutely nothing though. So, if you want to kick back and listen to some great sounds while you eat, be sure to bring whatever you like.

Bon Glaze

Where: 3575 Durden Drive

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At Bon Glaze, one of the best donut shops in Atlanta, you can enjoy scrumptious bacon topped donuts, chocolate-dipped bacon, and even bacon with cayenne pepper! Pull up a chair in their sitting area while you both discuss how deep your love is for bacon. Or, of course, just grab some donuts together and have a sugary date.


Centennial Olympic Park

Where: 265 Park Ave W

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Atlanta is known for having some of the best parks. They are clean, huge, and often times host some cool events. If you’re looking for a relaxing date night, enjoy a picnic at Centennial Olympic Park. This 21-acre park will give you and your date plenty of room to do what you choose. Bring some good food and music with you and enjoy the moment.

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Big Escape Rooms

Where: 444 Highland Ave

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No better way to challenge your date than to take them to Big Escape Rooms! Here, you both will be locked in a room for 60 minutes where clues will be given and you both will have to figure out how to escape the room. What better way to find out how great of a communicator your date is. Get locked in a room together on your next date and see how well you two work together.

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Laser Show Spectacular

Where: 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd

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Call your date and tell them you both are going to a laser show, in the park!

The Laser Show Spectacular has been an Atlanta favorite for over 10 years. It takes place during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, at Stone Mountain Park. You can enjoy 45 amazing minutes of live popping graphics, fireworks, and great music. There are also special effects that appear and 3D Glasses are handed out for that!

Be sure to purchase the Premium Terrance Seating tickets so you both get reserved seating and unlimited popcorn!

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