And then there was fall. Don’t think for a second that everything you did over summer break can be continued into the fall season! No, no! If the leaves have to change color, and the drinks on Starbucks menu have to change, then yes, you too have to change up your dating routine for the new season!

Having a late night swim with your girlfriend is about to be out the question until next year. It’s time to create a new date night game plan. This fall season we need you and your partner to date outside the box! Make reservations at places you’ve never been to before. Venture out into parts of Atlanta that don’t get a lot of buzz.

Basically, we just need you to be creative for this upcoming season. Trust me, and your girlfriend will thank you for it! Also, to save you some time, we’ve put together a list of secret places in Atlanta to bring your girlfriend this fall. Now, the rest is up to you!

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Where: 1345 Piedmont Avenue

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Venture off to the magical land of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Explore the gigantic statues of animals that are shaped with real plants. This place is where art and horticultural come together for a time you won’t forget. You also have the option to settle for a performance at one of their many events.

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Chastain Park Arts Festival

Where: 140 W Wieuca Rd NW

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Fall in Atlanta just wouldn’t be right without a festival! But during this fall season, it’s a must to attend the Chastain Park Arts Festival. Not only is it one of the best festivals in Atlanta, but it’s also free! This event takes arts and crafts to a new level. Enjoy fantastic artwork and live music from some of your favorite locals in the neighborhood. Then indulge in some of the best gourmet food you’ve ever seen come from a truck!

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Cabbagetown Chomp And Stomp

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Come out this year to Chomp and Stomp and get chili drunk! It’s no secret that fall=chili time! Chow down at this annual event and enjoy the best chili cook-off you’ve ever had. There’s also many games and music during the entire event. So come out and tell your Girlfriend to bring the picnic blanket for some fun in the park.

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Native American Festival And Pow Wow

Where: 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd

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Have you ever been on a date that teaches you something? This fall, enjoy one of the most significant events held at Stone Mountain Park. The Native American Festival And Pow Wow is all about learning and understanding culture. You both will learn how to start fires, live in nature, and experience dances. This four-day event will be one to remember!


Hillcrest Orchard

Where: 9696 Hwy. 52 E

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What better way to kick off your fall season than picking fruits with your girlfriend? Well, the time has come for Hillcrest Orchard to open its doors! The months of September, October, and November are the only months locals get to visit this one of a kind farm market. It’s opened every day and has everything fresh you’ll ever need. They also have sections where you’re allowed to pet farm animals. So step out of your comfort zone and pet a baby goat!

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Atlanta Street Art Tours

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It’s no secret that Atlanta is well known for its street art. Shoot, we even have an entire tunnel dedicated to the locals to show off their creativity.

Rent a bike with your girlfriend and cruise around the city with Atlanta Street Art Tours. The tour guide will take you on an almost four-hour tour through Atlanta pointing out great artwork. You’ll also have a chance to listen to the stories behind the great pieces and feel as if you know your city a little better.

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Barcelona Wine Bar

Where: 1085 Howell Mill Rd

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“Small plates, bold flavors" is business as usual at Barcelona Wine Bar. If all else fails, be sure to take your girlfriend to Barcelona Wine Bar — this place is impressive. It's chic yet relaxed and just screams fall vibes! Not only is their food out of this world but they also have some of the best wines.

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Atlanta Comedy Theater

Where: 4650 Jimmy Carter Blvd

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Since summer is gone, most of your dates are probably going to be indoors. Be sure to make your way to a comedy show this fall at the Atlanta Comedy Theater. Yes, it's where all your favorite comedians can be found! It’s where you can guarantee a good time around some other good people!

If you like seafood, be sure to purchase tickets for “Kracken Em' Up Wednesdays” for a good show and some crab legs!


Pancakes And Booze

Where: 4650 Jimmy Carter Blvd

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If you think you’ve seen an art show like Pancakes and Booze, think again! This November, for only one day, don’t miss the annual P&B pop-up art show. This event is like nothing you’ve seen before. Artist from all over come and show off their jaw-dropping work. There’s music, vendors, performances, body painting and so much more. Bring your girlfriend out for a night of fun, free pancakes, and booze!

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Octane Buckhead

Where: 3423 Piedmont Rd NE

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There’s nothing wrong with having a chill type of day with your girlfriend. If you haven’t heard by now, Octane Coffee is the best place in the city to get coffee. Maybe on the next rainy day, you guys can take it easy and relax at one of Octane's many locations.

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Don’t like coffee? That’s fine — they have a wide variety of other espressos, standard drinks, and alcoholic beverages.


Little Trouble

Where: 1170 Howell Mill Rd NW

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Talk about broadening your horizons this fall! Little Trouble is known for being super unique and out of this world different. With its dim, neon lights, you would think you were in some sort of video game. Their food is great and they serve stiff drinks.

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Amalfi Pizza

Where: 7 Andrew Young International Blvd NE

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Nothing makes people happier than tasty fresh pizza! Ever since Amalfi Pizza landed in downtown Atlanta, they have been shaking things up. This fall, try some Neapolitan pizza served in an upscale chic setting. Because pizza in the fall is needed!

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O-Ku Atlanta

Where: 1085 Howell Mill Rd NW A3

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Yes, summer is over, but rooftop vibes are also a thing for the fall. Make O-Ku Atlanta your next happy hour spot with your lady. She’ll enjoy their super pretty drinks and small plates of Asian favorites. You both can wind down together while enjoying the city views.

Food Terminal

Where: 5000 Buford Hwy NE

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Nested in the heart of Buford Highway, you can find some cool Malaysian street food. Once your girlfriend snaps a selfie under their incredible lighting, you both will notice how beautiful Food Terminals dishes are. Well, after you get through reading their rather extensive menu that is. Don’t be discouraged though — your taste buds will be in for a ride!

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Revery: VR Var

Where: 728 Monroe Dr NE Suite C

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Okay picture this — you're both are at home, playing video games, and drinking. Sounds like a fun time, right? Well, Revery: VR Var just brought your home adventure, to the city!

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This bar idea clearly came straight from someone’s dream. This fall, you and your SO can enjoy some adult-approved fun. This bar hasn’t been open that long but it’s been creating massive buzz. So, choose from a bunch of virtual reality games, grab your drink, and let the good times roll.

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Landmark Theaters

Where: 931 Monroe Dr NE

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Switch things up this fall and ditch the AMC theaters. The Landmark Theater has been a staple in Atlanta since before forever. While it only occasionally plays new releases, it mainly plays independent and foreign films. Rumor has it you don’t always know what’s playing until you sit down. Who knows? You both may end up watching a favorite childhood flick.


Sleepy Hollow Farm

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This place is the ultimate fall outing that will make your girlfriend happy to be with you! We all know nothing screams fall more than walking around a farm picking pumpkins — at Sleepy Hollow Farm, you’ll be able to do just that, plus more.

Not to mention, at night, they offer tours of the cabin where Stranger Things is filmed. If for whatever strange reason you’re not a fan, you can opt for a tractor ride around the farm and other fun cool games.

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Our Giving Garden

Where: 1801, 75 Cooper Lake Rd S

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How sweet would it be for the two of you to volunteer together? Well, it would be super sweet! At Our Giving Garden, they focus on growing fresh food and donating it to people in need. Together, you and your lady can make a significant impact on your community by supporting this great cause.


Little 5 Points Halloween Festival And Parade

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Halloween always comes early, somewhere! Little 5 Points is throwing a huge festival and parade October 20th and you need to be there! This event will have loads of folks walking around in the best costumes enjoying all the food trucks and restaurants there. Little 5 Points always bring out the creativity in people, so why not join the fun!

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Buford Corn Maze

Where: 4470 Bennett Rd

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Have you ever been to a corn maze? They are just like the movies! Burford Corn Maze is the spot to be this fall. Plus, they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary, so you don’t want to miss all their special treats! Spend a weekend or two and get lost in a maze with your girlfriend. Do some pumpkin picking and explore their haunted house. Well, if you both aren’t scared, that is!

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