Let's face it, y'all. Winter is here and it's not leaving any time soon (a reminder we, unfortunately, all got last weekend). Say goodbye to your sweet teas and peach-picking weather. Okay, maybe not the sweet tea ... 

But even though the winter chill might have you missing warmer days and longer nights, there are still plenty of ways to heat up the romance with your date in Atlanta this season. Instead of taking her to yet another Friday night football game or having breakfast at the Waho, why not try exploring the lesser-known parts of the city together? 

Warm your spirits and get to know Atlanta while impressing your date in the process. There's a lot more to this southern city than bar crawls and fried chicken. Party with sea creatures, get a real taste of Cuba, and drive the sports car of your dreams at one of these 20 secret places to bring your SO this winter. 

Havana Restaurant

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For the most authentic Cuban food north of Florida (and, you know... Cuba), look no further than Havana Sandwich Shop. This modest shop might not look like much from the outside, but one taste of their Cuban sandwiches is guaranteed to make you and your girlfriend lifelong customers. 

Skate The Sky

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What's more romantic than an ice-skating date, you ask? Skating on the roof of a ten-story building as you gaze upon the shimmering Atlanta skyline, that's what. At "Skate the Sky" at Rooftop Terrace, you'll do exactly that on top of a 3,500-square-foot seasonal skating rink now in its second year. You'll overlook the Atlanta BeltLine and Old Fourth Ward from this frosty vantage point hand-in-hand with your sweetheart. 

Atlanta Rocks!

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Get an adrenaline rush at Georgia's best indoor rock climbing venue. Atlanta Rocks! is a great date night destination for the competitive couple. Test your skill and race to the top alongside your SO to see who the best climber is. 

The Painted Pin

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What's better than a night of brews and bowling with your favorite couple friends? Get together for a fun-filled group date at The Painted Pin. Gourmet cuisine and specialty cocktails are served alongside such fan favorites as bowling, tabletop shuffle board, and bocce ball. Let the games begin!

ATL Candy Bar

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Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth to match? Take her to the ATL Candy Bar. Much more than your standard sweet shop, the candy bar has everything from cupcakes, ice cream, and candy to candy-inspired drinks, dessert kabobs, and candy cubes (ice cubes with candy at the center). Warning: A date her may need to be followed by a dentist appointment.

Agatha's A Taste Of Mystery

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We're sure you've heard of other dinner theater murder mysteries, but Agatha's A Taste of Mystery takes the cake as the best dinner theater company in the area. Agatha's isn't just a place for novice detectives to try their hand at cracking a case. The crew here makes murder a laughing matter with their hilarious hijinx and crowd work. Laugh the night away with your loved one at this Atlanta favorite.

World Of Coca-Cola

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Don't just share a Coke with your girlfriend this winter; take her on a tour at the World of Coca-Cola. You'll learn all about the history of your favorite soft drink (like when it was still made with cocaine) and get to sample different Coke products from around the world. You'll be surprised at how different the taste can be!

Atlanta Movie Tours

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Does your honey have a soft spot for Hollywood glamor? Show her all the secret spots in Atlanta where all her favorite films were shot with Atlanta Movie Tours. Actor guides will show you around town and give you the inside scoop on everything that happened behind the scenes of your favorite flicks. 

Starlight Drive-In Theater

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There's nothing better than seeing a move the old-fashioned way at your local drive-in. Starlight Drive-In Theatre & Flea Market is the perfect date: Start your evening off at the flea market, perusing the curiosities here as you wait for your show to begin. Bring plenty of blankets and pillows to cozy up in the back of your car while you watch the big screen in the comfort of each other's arms. So much better than those uncomfortable theater seats. 

Star Community Bar 

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Okay I know we said Atlanta is more than just bars, but this one has a secret surprise inside you've got to see for yourself! A great date night for the hard rock couple, Star Community Bar often has a musician on-stage getting the party started. 

The bar also has a secret shrine to Elvis Presley, complete with a golden toilet topped with platform shoes. This quirky closet shrine is a hidden oddity you've got to experience at least once.  

Porsche Experience Center

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If you're a gear head with a true love for German sports cars, you've got to get to the Porsche Experience Center. You and your grease monkey girlfriend can get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of German engineering. A package for the full track experience can be pretty pricey, but it's the season of giving, after all. Doesn't she deserve to know what it's like to drive a real car? 

Jeju Sauna 

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Your face when you learn there's a spa near Atlanta that's open 24 hours per day. Just a short 30-minute drive from the city, Jeju Sauna is much more than a Korean-style public bathhouse. In addition to the spa's seemingly endless steam rooms, Jeju offers patrons a food court, heated floors for lounging and sleeping, wide-screen TVs, exercise rooms, ice rooms, heated mineral rooms, a swimming pool, and even sleeping quarters. 

Nightly Spirits

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For a fearfully fun date that's perfect for the ghost buster in your life, head to Nightly Spirits. This isn't your average ghost tour: Nightly Spirits combines two unlikely companions for a night of shrieks and shots. Learn about Atlanta's spookiest stories while touring the town's pubs, calming your nerves with some local libations. 

Decatur Glassblowing 

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Make something beautiful together this winter by taking a glassblowing class at Decatur Glassblowing. You'll get to make dainty keepsakes in dazzling colors like a real professional, twirling hot glass and blowing through the long tube to carefully craft your creation. The classes are designed for people with little to no previous experience, so let loose and learn something new with your loved one. 

Mudfire Studio and Gallery

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Get your hands dirty at one of Mudfire Studio and Gallery's date night classes this winter. This pottery class is BYOB (or "S" for snacks, if you prefer) and super fun. Your instructor will work one-on-one with you for two hours, guiding you through the process to make your very own pots. Who doesn't love a nice, messy crafting session? 

Fernbank After Dark

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Fernbank After Dark is everything Night at the Museum wishes it could've been. This reoccuring event happens every second Friday of the month from 7 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. and features cocktails, tapas, live music, science activities, and exclusive after-hours museum access. Each month is a different theme, with this month's theme of course being "holiday party." 

You have to act fast for this after-hours party: Tickets tend to sell out pretty quickly. There's still plenty of time to grab your tickets for January's party, though! 

Salsa Atlanta

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Let the music move you at SALSAtlanta, where you and your loved one will dance the night away to Cuban music (perhaps after paying a visit to Havana). After the team of talented dancers show you the ropes, you and your sweetheart will be salsa dancing till sun-up. There are classes for all experience levels, so don't be shy. 

Blue Ridge Treehouse

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Cozy up with your girlfriend for a magical night in the trees in the Blue Ridge Treehouse. Built by the DIY Network's Treehouse Guys, the Blue Ridge Treehouse is the perfect staycation for you and your SO. Located at Bear Claw Vineyards, the treehouse offers great views of the grounds from the wraparound porch. If the outside doesn't impress, what's inside certainly will: A full kitchen, spiral staircase, and lofted bedroom make this treehouse the most amazing living space the sky has ever seen.

Sips Under The Sea

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Get tipsy with the tortoises at Georgia Aquarium's Sips Under the Sea. The soft, blue glow emanating from the aquarium sets the perfect mood for you and your date as you marvel at massive whale sharks, adorable otters, and sleepy seaturtles. Throughout the night, you'll enjoy cocktails from five full-service bars and tapas provided by Wolfgang Puck Catering. There's also a live DJ ready to play romantic tunes as you and your loved one wander through the magical sea world before you. 

Eleanor’s Speakeasy

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Just a 20-minute drive from Atlanta sits Eleanor's Speakeasy, Muss & Turner's secret bar area (that pretty much everyone knows about). Here you'll find one of Atlanta's best mixologists, featuring an impressive list of specialty cocktails crafted by the bar's namesake, Eleanor Seale. 

Eleanor's isn't just a great place for fine spirits; with Muss & Turner's menu trickling through from next door, it's also an incredible place to eat. But for a high-end bar experience with an exclusive feel, there's no beating the bar scene at Eleanor's. Just walk through the "cooler door" to see what's waiting for you inside. 

Winter might not be everyone's favorite time of year, but that doesn't mean you can't still show your sweetheart a good time around town. Explore Atlanta's secret side this season and show off your great new finds to your significant other. We know the city has tons of hidden gems lying about.

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