With thousands of visitors every day in Georgia, some attractions can become overcrowded and too touristy. However the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta is one spot that locals go to again and again. Each season has something different to offer at this huge garden, and there are even special events that happen throughout the year. 

Atlanta Botanical Gardens is having a "Chocolate-Covered Weekend" event from Sept. 21-22. You will be able to eat many chocolate samples, see how it's made and see beautiful flowers at the same time. 

The Gardens alone are a sight to see. They're 30 acres and filled with beautiful plants and flowers with many events that happen monthly. Right now until the end of October, the theme is Imaginary Worlds: Alice's WonderlandThe plants are shaped into Wonderland characters and it will actually feel like you fell down the rabbit hole. 

This weekend will be filled with chocolate goodness and you might want to go both days to experience it; it'll be that good. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It's never too early for chocolate. 

You will first visit the tree where the chocolate adventure begins. Here, you will learn all about the chocolate-making process, so maybe you can even try it at home.

There will be samples set up all around the gardens with different types and flavors of chocolate. You might even find something new that is your new favorite treat. 

If you go by the outdoor kitchen that is located in the gardens, you will see cooking demo's from Atlanta-based pastry chefs. They'll even give you the best secrets to making this delicious goodness. 

The event is free to attend with your admission, so you can eat all the chocolate you want without having to actually pay for it. You should hop in the car and head to the gardens; you only have two days to enjoy all the chocolate you can handle.

While you still have the rest of the day to enjoy after the event, you should go to this new Atlanta restaurant that makes you sign a waiver to eat their spiciest chicken.


Chocolate-Covered Weekend

Price: Free with admission 

When: Sept. 21-22

Address: 1345 Piedmont Ave. NE., Atlanta, GA 30309

Why You Need To Go: The gardens are incredible and what better way to enjoy it than feasting on chocolate all day while you're there.  


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