Millennials are constantly being reminded that we're getting older. It's inevitable for adulting to take place. Even knowing this, we still do everything in our power to remember just how young we really are. If we can do that with alcohol, it's a perfect mesh of growing up and nostalgic feels. Well, in Atlanta, The Lego Bar will soon be coming to bring us all together for a common childhood phenomenon, but with beer.

The Lego Bar made its first appearances early 2018 in the United Kingdom, Australia and London. Now the nostalgia overload is making its way across ths U.S. to Georgia following its stops in Los Angeles and Denver. The million brick bar will be in Atlanta on May 16 and 17 so be sure to mark your calendars and not miss this super immersive pop up for the short time it's here. The event is on a first come, first serve basis and sold out in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London within 24 hours so you have to be on your A game to score these tickets.

The amount of features this event has is absolutely insane and you have 90 minutes to discover it all. Of course you have the fully stocked bar so you can game with your fave drink in hand. The bar itself will be made of lego bricks and will have brick lying about for the little creator inside of you to go crazy building skyscapers. Specialty food and drinks will come in lego-shaped containers and lego-shaped burgers if you want to go full-on themed mode. 

There will be DJs spinning all through both days so dancing is encouraged. Multiple play areas will be set up where you can compete in a (lego-made) table tennis match for prizes, jump into an adult-sized ball pin or (if you really miss your childhood memories) step on a bunch of legos barefoot. Yikes.

Be prepared for bricks to be piled everywhere so you will be inspired to sit on the floor and design your greatest creations.

Ticket prices haven't been disclosed for the Atlanta pop-up, but the Denver event tickets were $15-$25, so we're hoping we're also in that price range. You can stay notified for when tickets go on pre-sale by joining the official mailing list so you and your friends don't miss out.

This level of nostalgia is what we live for. This same vibe can be experienced at the pokemon-themed pop-up bar coming to Atlanta in the fall. Give us toys and alcohol and watch the real big kids come out and play. 


The Lego Bar

Why you should go: The lego-inspired pop-up bar will have your childhood nostaglia feels on overload while you play with a million bricks and eat and drink with other lego lovers. 


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