For many of us, Tyler, The Creator got of us through high school and college. From THAT video to this new Igor era, we have followed the 6-foot-2 eclectic artist and will continue to do so faithfully. If you're like us and gush over every album like some googly-eyed fangirl, then you're definitely ready to see GOLF WANG live and in person. There are so many concerts in Atlanta in October, but seeing Tyler, The Creator rock out on stage is not a show to miss. 

Tyler and all of his weirdness will be gracing the State Farm Arena in Atlanta facing 20,000 screaming fans ready to vibe out to the hits off of his latest album, Igor. The concert will take place on Oct. 3 and yes, as the headline reads, tickets are starting at only $30. Goldlink will open on all of the shows on the 34-show tour with special appearances by Blood Orange and (only September) Jaden Smith.

If you're a bit of a mega fan, you can easily grab a couple of Platinum tickets to be right in front of the stage for only a little under $90. If you've never been to a Tyler, The Creator concert, then be prepared for your mind to be completely blown. You can expect lots of jumping, screaming, raging out and absolutely amazing visuals with lights, fire and crazy stage setups. You'll pay for a show and definitely get a crazy WTF show.

While we love Igor (and play it religiously), Tyler is guaranteed to play fan faves from Flower Boy, Cherry Bomb and *cross fingers* Wolf, Bastard and Goblin. Knowing Tyler, he'll touch a little of everything and please fans wherever they hopped on the FLOG GNAW bandwagon.

Grab your tickets today and don't miss out on something truly special. Before your show, you and the crew may want to grab a few drinks before you scream your lungs out so stop by Publico for cocktails from a watermelon-made pitcher or any of these rooftop bars in Atlanta to really set a vibe. 


Tyler, The Creator Concert

Price: $29.50

When: Oct. 3

Address: State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

Why You Need To Go: You need to see Tyler, The Creator perform his latest album Igor for only $30.

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