Everyone in Georgia is praying and hoping that we will actually get that season called fall this year instead of having continuous humidity until the winter. Standing in lines to get into a haunted attraction is more bearable when there is a steady cool breeze. There are haunted houses all over the state, but the best ones are the non-traditional ones. Starting on Sept. 20, Containment Haunted House in Atlanta will be collecting screams and fear for the spookiest season. 

Containment Haunted House is finally back and it is what we have been waiting all year for. Located in Lithia Springs, this anxiety-building haunted house is just what it sounds like. This haunted house is built out of 26 shipping containers that create maze hallways and rooms. It is a unique attraction like no other.

There is something eerie about shipping containers. Have you ever seen CSI?? People get trapped in there every other episode. Now you have the opportunity to try to make your way out of these containers without chickening out and calling it quits from being too scared. 

This haunted attraction is so intense and terrifying that anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Just be warned, you might lose your voice by the end of the night from all the screaming you will be doing. 

The "creatures" that you will encounter through your trip will look so real you will probably question if you have entered an alternate universe. Those who run Scarefactor.com went through this attraction and said they were even spooked by every monster that tried to scare them. That's when you know it's real. 

Each season comes new haunts and themes on the inside. If you have gone and attended this attraction in previous years, get ready to be re-spooked because you won't know what's coming at you. 

New areas are always being uncovered and their Facebook page is sure to give the public a little glimpse of what they have cooking up in their house. 

Tickets to this unique spot are only $25, which is a steal for a destination like this. There are a few other places you should put on your Halloween bucket list like this The Walking Dead escape room and this pitch black hike at Providence Canyon


Containment Haunted House 

Price: $25

When: Sept. 20-Nov. 2

Address: 1320 Blairs Bridge Rd. Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122

Why You Need To Go: This haunted house is made out of shipping containers and one of the scariest, unique attractions in the state. 

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