You've likely heard of Day of the Dead, also known as "Dia de los Muertos," or watched Coco and gotten an idea of the rich history of the celebration. There's nothing like traveling to Mexico to experience the holiday for itself, but Georgia is getting the second-best thing - a Day of the Dead festival in Atlanta, complete with all the authentic traditions. 

The Atlanta History Center is partnering with the Institute of Mexican Culture for the monumental celebration on October 27. Oftentimes, you see aspects of the holiday appropriated for commercial use, but these two forces are ensuring that the holiday is celebrated as knowledgeably and authentically as possible.

One way they're getting you immersed in the traditions is in the altar contest. Mexicans are known for creating extravagant altars to honor their lost loved ones during their multi-day celebration, in hopes of attracting the spirits of loved ones.

That same energy is being brought to Georgia; you can create a beautiful altar and potentially win the $500 prize – all you have to do is register for a spot. 

There's more opportunity to win some cash during the Catrin & Catrina contest. These famous Mexican skeleton caricatures are usually depicted as eccentric and well-dressed, meant to symbolize that everyone is equal in death, even the rich. Whoever is dressed as the most vibrant Catrin or Catrina will score big with $300. 

Even if you don't win, there' still much to be celebrated. There is traditional Mexican food all around, including mouthwatering pan de muerto and tacos that are on par with those of Tocayo and Velvet Taco

While you're stuffing your face, you can sit back and watch traditional Mexican entertainment take over the stage, from music to dancers and more.

Dia De Los Muertos Festival 

Price: Free!

When: October 27 

Address: 130 West Paces Ferry Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

Why You Need To Go: This celebration is as close as you can get to traveling to Mexico. 


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